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Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodtie

February 14, 2011

I actually don’t believe that he kissed him goodbye, but President Obama’s farewell news conference to his Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was very tie-centric. Apparently before Obama’s speech at the convention, he, his wife and his staff (pfff…I said ‘staff’) were arguing about which tie to wear. Someone suggested they take Gibbs’…the rest, as they say, is restful. Take a look at this video (click about halfway and you can see the actual presentation that I’m talking about) for a very cool gift idea.

As for my Friday, no one gave me a framed tie, nor did I leave a high-powered Washington gig. But, I did wear a tie, as I have done a few times. And, yes, I did remember to close out Paisley Tie Week. I didn’t close it out with a flourish, which is kind of a surprise. My TdJ was rather plain: muted tones, small paisleys. It’s a vintage strip from Besley’s Inc., sayeth the label. A quick journey to the land of Google tells me that Besley’s was purchased by the Robert Daskal Group in the 80s, and that they still make ties today (or at least until their website lost a webmaster). I got this at Unique, and I actually have an almost-exact replica, which is only slightly varying in color. A few months ago, I bought a bunch of ties to see if I could figure out a way to make pocket squares out of the tips; I figured it out, but I never cut up the ties. This is one of those ties that were almost cut up for business.

Speaking of business, here we have a different kind of GWT…a Godfather With Tie. Michael Corleone, who goes by Al Pacino during the regular course of the day, was hanging out on my television this weekend, so I thought I’d put him on here. This is the part where he is plotting to get into the family business, by the simple act of executing an execution on Captain McCluskey and Sollozzo (aka “The Turk”) at Louis Italian Restaurant.

Thanks for reading…Brooke



Smoke gets in your ties…

February 11, 2011

No, don’t worry, there wasn’t a fire here at 100D100T Inter-galactic HQ (thanks, AC), I was just fishin’ around for another blog title. And, it’s only natural that a song by The Platters should come to mind in times of literary (sorry, that’s a stretch) distress (oh, come on, it’s a blog).

Once again, no Guys With Ties were snapped on this cold Thursday, so it’ll be another basic-themed posting. Oh, well, maybe we can fire up a limerick to enliven this installment of Paisley Tie Week (extended).

There once hailed a young bloke from Paisley

Who looked on the world rather hazily.

His Mum saw to his needs,

Sis supplied him with weed,

And Da’ thought he lived his life lazily.

Not bad for midnight.

So, with that Scottish Irish poem, we stick with the British Isles theme with the Tie du Jour. It’s a gray (grey) number with pink and purple undertones, from the house of Liberty of London. This may be my 5th or 6th Liberty tie…Dad had a bunch from their London travels (Dad liked to go on soccer hooligan tours…he loved the random thugness that came from being part of a larger, opponent-stomping mob). This one I found at Unique, at the same time as yesterday’s TdJ.

Just one more day for PTW (ext.), so I’ll have to choose the Tie du Friday wisely.

Thanks for reading…Brooke

It was the best of ties, it was the worst of ties.

February 10, 2011

My daughter’s soccer coach, Jay Bulev, suggested this post title, and I thank him for it. What I do not thank him for is the dilemma of which tie to saddle with the Dickensian curse of the best/worst title. I knew that I couldn’t make this title go along with my best tie, because someone may think I’d be putting the ‘worst’ moniker on it. And vice versa. Am I overthinking this? Oh, yeah, probably. But that’s what happens when I write before bedtime. I need a blankie…

My Tie du Jour was purchased about 3 weeks ago at Unique Thrift Store, along with about 6 or 7 others (yes, I have an illness) that seemed to have belonged to one funky dude (now they belong to little ol’ me, the guy with an illness). I felt the need to add this closeup of the little paisleys because I had a premo that some would doubt its paisley worthiness. Plus, I didn’t bother with standing still while I took my regular pic, so we got blur.

See those little curvy things? Those are paisleys. Just because the whole tie doesn’t look like a 7th-grade science class pop quiz (a. Paramecium b. Amoeba c. Zygote d. Sperm e. Coli) doesn’t mean it can’t be a paisley tie. My blog, my quiz, my rules.

Apart from that, no Guys or Girls With Ties. Dang, Wednesday was chock full of networking events. Oh, and the end of the day featured a very fun band, Expo 76, at Simon’s down in Andersonville. The keyboard player was wearing a vintage strip, and I didn’t even get over to him to take a shot. Gotta get my mojo back. Okay, after this Paisley Tie Week (extended) is over, I will try to figure out a challenge to take more pics of Guys (and Girls) With Ties. Maybe I’ll try to get 10-15 through the end of the month, then we’ll all vote on the best tie.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


Rip Tied Lounge

February 10, 2011

RIP Marie Wuczynski

If any of you ever skulked around Wicker Park in the last, oh, 4 or 5 decades, chances are you ended up at Marie’s Rip Tide Lounge on Armitage. Marie–owner/bartender/songstress/therapist–had a heart of gold; alas, that heart gave out about 50 years after buying the place. ‘Twas a great place, and my old roomie, Brendan Kelly, was kind enough to pass along tidings of her demise. I will raise my next pint or dram to ye, Marie.

I’m still on the paisley kick, and Geoffrey Beene makes a consecutive appearance (don’t think I’ve worn two in a row from the same shop, in all of my 220 or so ties) with a blue, gray and pink number. Thought it went pretty well with my clown shirt, although you may disagree.

Just an update on a couple o’ things. My friend (and oft-times GWT) Paul Hletko is muy close to opening Few Spirits, a distillery that will focus on crafting gin and whiskey in the birthplace of Prohibition. In addition to my Chamber duties (which you can’t spell w/o T-I-E), I’ll be serving as brand ambassador on a part-time basis. Check out our FB page (there’s the link, again) to keep track of our progress.

At press time (yes, Mom, I’m late again), it has been one month to the day that my boss, Executive Director Jonathan Perman (another GWT alum), resigned. Wanna be my new boss? Go for it. Here’s the job description.

Thanks for reading…Brooke

There’s no tieing in baseball!

February 9, 2011

I like to think that I’m being ironic, using a baseballesque title on the day after the Super Bowl. I will probably regret not saving Tom Hanks’ drunken outburst from A League Of Their Own for a more baseball-appropriate date (pitchers/catchers report date, opening day, Cubs’ being mathematically eliminated from playoff consideration, etc), but, hey, I’m gonna live in the now. I’ll just figure out a way to use a different sport phrase then, so there.

As the snow days last week affected my daily use of the noose, my Paisley Tie Week was stricken down to a mere 3 days. So, luckily I have enough paisley in that thar closet to fill this week, too.

For the Tie du Jour, a very good friend made me very happy. Not only did she give me a paisley tie, but she got it from TJ Maxx at such a bargain ($3!) that I was proud to wear it. It’s from Geoffrey Beene, and it was complimented by the first two people who saw it (and, no, it wasn’t my mother twice. ha. ha.). It’s just such a well-made strip…great texture and electric coloring. And, of course, I put it with such a damn cool shirt. That’s right, I cussed. Sheeit.



In the early part of my morning, I was able to add to the GWT numbers as I stopped into the Evanston branch of Wells Fargo (over on Howard, by the Best Buy Evanston). Branch manager Vasile Malutan and personal banker Emmett Higgin were both sportin’ ties and were kind enough to pause & pose.

Thanks for reading…Brooke

Be still tie beating heart…

February 4, 2011

As part of the campaign to raise awareness about heart disease among women, National Wear Red Day was created. I realize that I am only giving you 30-150 minutes, depending on publication time and your own personal time zone, to don your favorite red dress, socks, hat, clown shoes or skimpy negligé (send photos…they’ll help women with heart disease).

Since NWRD fell during PTW, I draped myself in a red paisley tie. Although it is probably not nearly as sexy as a skimpy red negligé, here is the TdJ. The strip, according to the label, was hand sewn by Robert Talbott for Carl Sterr:–and here’s where it gets confusing–Natural Shoulder Clothing. First off, I’d like to meet the Carlster (just had to be his nickname, right?), and, secondly, I’d like to know a couple things about him: 1) What is shoulder clothing? 2) Can one make artificial shoulder clothing? Sounds like someone didn’t have English as a first language, and they feel it necessary to over-describe when they switch to the Queen’s.

As I mentioned yesterday-ish, I will extend Paisley Tie Week, at least through the middle of next week, since the Snowgasm took the Ties du Wednesday et Thursday from us. Way too soon.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


Tieders on the Storm…

February 3, 2011

To be read in a panicked, high-pitched, B-Movie trailer voice: Run! Hide the children. Stock up your pantry. It’s the dreaded [insert one of the following: Snowpocalypse, Snowmageddon, Snowicane, Snowtorious B.I.G.] of 2011!

To be read in a pleasing, slightly British, public televisional announcer voice: And, thus concludes the overreactional portion of the blog post for today. Come back tomorrow as we detail cleanup efforts in your area.

Many of you have seen pictures, but it’s the 3-dimensional aspect of this storm that must be seen. Dotting our landscape are drifts that seem to have been created out of some random act of wind physics, and humongous piles of snow created by purposeful acts of large trucks. Peoples’ wish to get outside, despite the cold and not-completely-safe conditions, solidify the basal human need to socialize, be it only to shovel next to a neighbor.

It seems as if Paisley Tie Week will have to be extended, as this Tie du Tuesday will be the 2nd of 3 ties that I’ll be able to sport this week. So, what I’ll do is wear one on Friday, and then I think I’ll have enough paisleys (or partial paisleys will have to do) for next week.

Tommy Boy

On to the Tie du Jour. It’s a great brown strip, with slight tinges of green. It’s a really nice combo with this shirt, and this’ll be a pairing that I’ll look forward to wearing again. As is usual with Tommy Hilfiger, the navy blue with white polka dotted tail (the small part) is a different fabric than the apron (uh, the big part). Just a small, classy touch, in my non-humble opinion.

Speaking of a Tommy, that made me think of a couple of MSWTs (Movie Stars With Ties)…the late Chris Farley and the non-late David Spade, smiling and smirking, respectively in this promo shot from the movie Tommy Boy.

“And, thus concludes the social reference portion for today…”

We’ll be back to a tie on Friday.

Thanks for reading…Brooke

Remember the Tietans

February 2, 2011


Getting a bit of a late start on this post, for reasons you will learn of in the next post. Oh, shucks, who am I kidding, I can’t toy with you.

If you live in or near the Greater Metropolitan Chicagoland/Cook Countyland Voting District Area, you are probably aware that we have been attacked/waylaid by a blizzard. So, on Tuesday evening, when I normally would have been crafting (tardily) an essay in homage to the Tie du Monday, Julia and I spent the night with our friends, the Frischers. Yes, normally, one does not let their 9-yr old have a sleepover on a school night, but you see we already knew that we’d have a Snow Day (yes, of course, it should be capitalized). So, I’m a bit discombobulated.

Anyway, the Tie du Jour keeps on the tradition (a tradition since last Friday!) of Paisley Tie Week. It’s a mainly silver/grey strip, with reds and blues tossed in, from Preswick & Moore. It was a gift from John Harris, a realtor with Koenig & Strey here in Evanston. John has become a regular participant in the Chamber’s networking events, and he always points out his ties’ brand and price (seems to be a resale shopper like yours truly).

A regular contributor submitted this GWT picture…it’s Charlie Day, one of the stars of the TV show, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. If you haven’t checked out the show, it’s really damn funny in Philadelphia, too. Thanks, J.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


Frequent tie-er miles

January 29, 2011

As I announce Paisley Tie Week, which had been officially slated to commence Monday, I realized that, by wearing a paisley today, it actually would start, um, today. Ergo, I hereby welcome thee to PTW.

This celebrates another TW, as Paul Fredrick Week was only a few weeks ago. As you may recall (I’m just happy that I do), Angela from Paul Fredrick wrote on the blog to ask me for my address. A week later, I received ten (TEN TIES) of their beautiful ties in the mail. I can only assume those events are related. I’m like a detective that way. Plus I have a magnifying glass.

Anyway, the Tie du Jour is a stunningly gorgeous blue & green paisley tie. I like the texture that it has, and my crapiPhone camera actually does a decent job showing it off. I chose this tie for a pretty important event that the Chamber hosts annually: the Legislative Breakfast. Ooh, I can just feel the bitterness and pain out there from those who missed it. It’s actually a pretty great event, on top of the fact that it does include the most important meal of the day.

And, of course, since it was an important meal, there were guys with ties everywhere. Here’s a shot from EvanstonNow, showing a few PWTs (Pols With Ties), an ATTEWT (AT&T Exec With Tie), and even a AeBWT (Almost ex-Boss With Tie). That’s State Rep Daniel Biss on the left, next to Chamber Executive Director Jonathan Perman. From the right are State Senator Jeff Schoenberg, AT&T exec Paul La Schiazza and Cook County Commissioner Larry Suffredin. The non-tie wearers in the middle are Steve Hagerty, the president of our board of directors, and State Rep Robin Gabel.

Other GWTs at the event included Dave Davis, Grant Coordinator/Constituent Advocate for Representative Jan Schakowsky’s office. I need to take some knot lessons from him, and I need to get some green ties. Lookin’ sharp Dave.

And, another Dave…Dave Skrodzki, who owns Pharm Execs, a medical/pharmaceutical recruiting firm. First time I’ve seen this Dave in a tie. He says he only wears J. Garcia ties.

And we have a political hopeful, Richard Rykhus, rounding out the photos I took. Richard is running for District 65 School Board. Good luck, Richard.

Thanks for reading…Brooke