Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodtie

I actually don’t believe that he kissed him goodbye, but President Obama’s farewell news conference to his Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was very tie-centric. Apparently before Obama’s speech at the convention, he, his wife and his staff (pfff…I said ‘staff’) were arguing about which tie to wear. Someone suggested they take Gibbs’…the rest, as they say, is restful. Take a look at this video (click about halfway and you can see the actual presentation that I’m talking about) for a very cool gift idea.

As for my Friday, no one gave me a framed tie, nor did I leave a high-powered Washington gig. But, I did wear a tie, as I have done a few times. And, yes, I did remember to close out Paisley Tie Week. I didn’t close it out with a flourish, which is kind of a surprise. My TdJ was rather plain: muted tones, small paisleys. It’s a vintage strip from Besley’s Inc., sayeth the label. A quick journey to the land of Google tells me that Besley’s was purchased by the Robert Daskal Group in the 80s, and that they still make ties today (or at least until their website lost a webmaster). I got this at Unique, and I actually have an almost-exact replica, which is only slightly varying in color. A few months ago, I bought a bunch of ties to see if I could figure out a way to make pocket squares out of the tips; I figured it out, but I never cut up the ties. This is one of those ties that were almost cut up for business.

Speaking of business, here we have a different kind of GWT…a Godfather With Tie. Michael Corleone, who goes by Al Pacino during the regular course of the day, was hanging out on my television this weekend, so I thought I’d put him on here. This is the part where he is plotting to get into the family business, by the simple act of executing an execution on Captain McCluskey and Sollozzo (aka “The Turk”) at Louis Italian Restaurant.

Thanks for reading…Brooke



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