Smoke gets in your ties…

No, don’t worry, there wasn’t a fire here at 100D100T Inter-galactic HQ (thanks, AC), I was just fishin’ around for another blog title. And, it’s only natural that a song by The Platters should come to mind in times of literary (sorry, that’s a stretch) distress (oh, come on, it’s a blog).

Once again, no Guys With Ties were snapped on this cold Thursday, so it’ll be another basic-themed posting. Oh, well, maybe we can fire up a limerick to enliven this installment of Paisley Tie Week (extended).

There once hailed a young bloke from Paisley

Who looked on the world rather hazily.

His Mum saw to his needs,

Sis supplied him with weed,

And Da’ thought he lived his life lazily.

Not bad for midnight.

So, with that Scottish Irish poem, we stick with the British Isles theme with the Tie du Jour. It’s a gray (grey) number with pink and purple undertones, from the house of Liberty of London. This may be my 5th or 6th Liberty tie…Dad had a bunch from their London travels (Dad liked to go on soccer hooligan tours…he loved the random thugness that came from being part of a larger, opponent-stomping mob). This one I found at Unique, at the same time as yesterday’s TdJ.

Just one more day for PTW (ext.), so I’ll have to choose the Tie du Friday wisely.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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