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I know you’re knot, but what am tie?

March 22, 2012

Are y’all ready for this? [insert techno/dance/sports arena music. loudly]

It’s time to get back on the 100D100T horse. I know you’re probably saying that you’ve probably heard this before, probably even from me. But, I’m serious!

All sorts of stuff going on in Tieland. Chris and I are trying to get out there, for all to enjoy. All of you who wish to wear ties, that is.

This Tie du Jour is going to be of the grab-bag variety. I’m just going to go into my folder and grab the first tie that grabs me. In fact, I can even start to describe it, without seeing it.

This TdJ is much longer than it is wide, on a scale of almost 20-to-1! It can – and has – been manipulated into some sort of fashionable knot, at the picture subject’s (me) neck (my neck). The color is probably not puke green, nor puke brown, nor even puke blue (long story). It has a tag, and pointy ends.

The winning tie is…[drumroll please]

It’s a! It’s a! It’s a Paul Fredrick! No surprise there, since it’s the brand of which I have the most, thanks to their generosity. They will be a big part of TieXchange, as they have donated 30 ties to our inventory. And that’s not to mention the 10 ties that they gave me a couple of years ago, just because they liked my blog. I have bought a bunch of them, too, from their website as well as from various thrift stores. I think this is my 14th PF tie on 100D100T.

This particular tie, besides its obvious dimensional prerequisites, is a lovely medallion design of blue, brown and gold. This particular photo, however, takes us back to the days of the crapiPhone camera. Sigh.

I have a Guy With Tie here, who’s even a GWT alum, if memory serves. John Noyes is a fun friend of mine here in Evanston. He’s with 1st Advantage Mortgage, and he’s the founder of the Evanston Real Estate Trolley. John chaperones a dozen or two people on a monthly tour of Sunday open houses in Evanston. It’s a great idea that will catch on…

Thanks for reading…Brooke




January 29, 2012

It is time. Time to reason with myself. I’m not going to write a full blog post for all of the ties that I’ve tossed into the procrastination bin. It’s time to catch up, and knock a bunch out.

This will be a lightning round, a TdJ marathon and a necktiepalooza all rolled into one. And I won’t forget all the Guys With Ties, and Girls With Ties, who made it fun along the way.

Ready, steady, go.

I start out, rather fittingly, with this tagless striped strip. I am pretty sure I got it from my friend Paul Giddings’ collection. I’m also pretty sure that Paul never put it with a plaid shirt. Hmm, not sure this works…good thing I can’t wear this tie again.

I get a little bit better (not everyone would agree) with Lightning Rounder #2…this Enrico Rossini paisley tie has a nice orange/brown tinge (not everyone would think that sounds great), and matches up nicely with my shirt’s stripes (not everyone uses parentheses three times in a paragraph).

By the way, it’s probably not possible for you, dear reader, to notice, but my tie-wearing ensembles have been a bit less formal lately. I’m only wearing suits about 10% of the time that I wear ties, which is a pretty polar opposite of my time at the Evanston Chamber. My Few Spirits, TieXchange and State Farm duties have been a bit more casual, and it’s never good to find myself in a suit when something needs to be lifted at the distillery.

After all that blahblah about not wearing suits so much, this next TdJ-shirt ensemble was actually sported with one. It’s another great tie, made with more beautiful fabric, by my friends at Paul Fredrick. This will definitely be a TieXchange tie, very soon…where it will join 40 other Paul Fredricks.

Next is a spectacular blue from Hugo Boss. It was given to me by a spectacular woman, my girlfriend, Andrea. I wore this tie with her, and she sparkled as much as it did that night.

We enter into the much-less-sparkling-and-spectacular arena with the next one, a vintage wool tie under Italian designer Gino Pompeii’s Nik-Nik line.

Aaaaand, back to the silk with this brown and blue striped number from Jones New York. While it would be somewhat muted on a plain white shirt, I decided to doll it up with this aquamarine shirt.

Well, I’m up to 6 here. First time I’ve gone with more than 1, if memory serves. Feeling a bit crowded, but…Onward and sevenward?

We stick with our pattern of new tie/vintage tie (a nice way of saying TieXchange-worthy/non-TieXchange-worthy) with yet another brown tie. This is from Huntley’s, which was a men’s store in Evanston until the 70s or 80s.

And here I come to my first Guy With Tie, who, it turns out, is actually a BWT (Brother With Tie). My younger brother, Grant, who has made an appearance as a BWT before. He lives in Denver with his wife, Mo.

Forging on to Nos. 8-10 (which puts us in the 339 ties realm), let’s make this a lightning round of the lightning round…

Some Fruit Stripe stripes from Kenneth Cole…my not-so-crapIphone camera went back to crapi on this one. It’s a lot less muted in real life.

And this next tie is pretty funny. From a designer called Linnea Franco, I picked it up at a resale shop, probably Unique Thrift Store. But, I didn’t really check the length when I bought it. So, when I put it on, it only came down  between my bellybutton and my medulla oblongata. Wait, that’s not right, that’s in the brain. Sternum? It’s the sternum! Dang brain. Anyway, the tie was obviously built for a child, or Peter Dinklage. Soooo, I threw a sweater over it. Silly me for not taking the pic in its infinite shortitude. Wimp.

Okay, now the lightning round will come to a close with another Hugo Boss effort. Bright red with little squares. Aaaand, I’m done with knocking out these 10. But, I guess there weren’t so many GWTs, but there will be some in the next few days. Promise.

Thanks for reading…Brooke






The Tied of the Yankees

October 11, 2011

Darnit. I’ve had this blog subject saved for months, ready to use it in the inevitable event that the New York Yankees have a modicum of success. Not that I’m a fan; in fact, I’m probably the opposite. Because my immediate forebear (my Dad) passed on his extreme dislike (his extreme like of the Pittsburgh Pirates peaked 51 years ago when they took the World Series over the Bronx Bombers), it’s mildly disappointing that I failed to submit a timely account of their playoff demise. Well, in case you’ve instead been following football, lamenting the final episodes of Breaking Bad, or just enjoying the Indian summer, they were knocked out by the Detroit Tigers (either word, of course, can’t be spelled without T-I-E).

So, after several tie-less days, I finally sported another for a Few local sales calls for Few Spirits. Longtime destination Tommy Nevin’s Pub (T-I-E again) was first on my list, and so we’ll have our stuff there very soon. I also furthered our cause at Bar Louie and the Celtic Knot. We’ll be everywhere, man!

My Tie du Jour for the occasion is a lovely, patterned strip from one of my faves, Paul Fredrick. I picked this one up at Classy Closet resale shop, along with several other PF TdJ’s-to-be. The dark navy field is a perfect plot for the differently-colored medallions that regaled my light orange striped shirt.

Although I had not worn a tie in several days, we did have a new Guy With Tie pay us a visit. Scott Wright is a commercial loan officer from Charter One Bank. Our local branch manager, Raquel Hernandez, set up a meeting for us, and she and Scott niced up our distillery for a Few minutes.

Thanks for reading…Brooke

I saw it with my own two ties!

September 19, 2011

If it seems like I’ve begun my last two or three posts with some major whining about being behind on my tie posts, it’s probably true.

But, I’m done complaining, and will just get to it. I will post all of the ties, but not in the order in which they were worn. We’ll just post the last one I wore, and go backward in time from there. And, if I wear another tie, I’ll post that one as I wear it.

If it seems like I’ve made these kind of promises in the last two or three posts, it’s definitely true. No more promises, I’ll do what I can.

Hmmm…now what do I say?

Oh, yeah, I know…on this particular day in question, I wore two ties. Let’s get to them…

Diamonds are Forever...or at least until you wear another tie

I had some sales calls to make downtown with Few Spirits, so I got gussied up in Tie du Jour numéro un, this geometrically-unchallenged strip from Burberry. After meeting with the beverage director at Mastro’s Steakhouse, I went for a little walk, stopping in at several places, ending up at the grand opening of Cantina Laredo, version Chicago. Delicious mini-fish tacos…or were they fish mini-tacos? Fish taco minis? Either way…yum.

Then, I got home and wanted to be a bit fresher for the 2nd Annual Evanston Business Mash-Up, which is run by my former employer, the Evanston Chamber of Commerce. It was such a nice night (like last year’s event), right on the beach at Northwestern (like last year), and I was able to go home straight after (unlike last year). Paul and I sampled some Few for the masses.

Part of my fresher ensemble was cedntered around TdJ#2, my bow tie from Paul Fredrick, picked up on their website recently. This is that cornflower blue that I love, and the fabric is just top-quality. This and my diamond-patterned shirt went nicely with my new Astor & Black suit. I’ll have to make an ensemble photo with that soon.

Although there were many ties at the Mash Up, I only took one picture, as I was more in Few Spirits mode. But, since this FSFAWT (Former Senator, Former Ambassador With Tie) was wearing a scarf around her neck, I figured that was enough of a tie to make it into 100D100T. Say hello to Senator Carol Moseley Braun, holding her very own bottle of Few White Whiskey.

At the risk of being simply satisfied that I have actually completed a posting, I’ll rest my case here.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


And here’s tie you, Mrs. Robinson…

June 16, 2011

GWTAS (Graduate With Tie And Seductress)

I’m surprised to find out that it’s been six years since Anne Bancroft (The Graduate‘s minxy Mrs. Robinson) passed away. But, my title is not in homage to her, or to Dustin Hoffman, who played Benjamin, the actual graduate/seductee. I actually had a graduation on Tuesday evening. It was a dinner and small ceremony marking the end of my year participating in Leadership Evanston. Although, you know…commencement is not an ending. It is a beginning.

Sorry, I’ve heard that speech at every graduation except for this one, since it actually was an ending. Oh, I guess I’ll take part of the Evanston Community Foundation‘s alumni activities with LE, so maybe this is just a beginning. Either way, it was a great experience; plus, it’s good that it’s over.

Of course, I can’t go to any kind of ceremony without sporting a tie, and I was actually excited to put one around my neck. I am having major withdrawal pains from the lack of blogging about the ties.

So, here we go. Tie No. 302 was another from my friends at Paul Fredrick. This one, I actually bought. Although I’ll talk about the ‘why’ very soon, I have to say that Angela and Scott from PF gave me some more ties to support a new venture. 30, to be exact. THIRTY! They are all truly lovely strips.

Anyway, this number is the epitome of multi-colored, as it just exploded my plain-ish blue shirt. Had I gone garish with the shirt, I may have set off car alarms.

I have captured, photographically, a couple of new GWTs in the past week or so, and I’ll gladly share them with you here. First is Graeme Murphy, a freshman in Northwestern’s engineering department. Graeme, sporting a cool Escher-printed tie, and his project team worked with Few Spirits to come up with a plan to reuse our spent grains, and presented it before me and their class. It was one of those ironic days where I chose not to wear a tie, while every other guy in the room had one on. So embarrassing. But, I did have one of my new Few shirts on, so at least I played the part of ‘client’ rather well.

Sunday evening, my dad and I went to dinner with, Pat Green, one of my best friends from my high school days (the first time I had to wear a tie every day…well, actually, that would be the 2nd time. Junior high was tie time, too). We went to Tavern on Rush, and sat next to a GWT. Or, should I say, a RPCLWT (Rainbow PUSH Coalition Leader With Tie)? Yes, Rev. Jesse Jackson was kind enough to show off his tie with two goofballs from Memphis.

Well, that felt good. I’ll be wearing another tie on Thursday, methinks (which is actually today)…

Thanks for reading…Brooke

Frequent tie-er miles

January 29, 2011

As I announce Paisley Tie Week, which had been officially slated to commence Monday, I realized that, by wearing a paisley today, it actually would start, um, today. Ergo, I hereby welcome thee to PTW.

This celebrates another TW, as Paul Fredrick Week was only a few weeks ago. As you may recall (I’m just happy that I do), Angela from Paul Fredrick wrote on the blog to ask me for my address. A week later, I received ten (TEN TIES) of their beautiful ties in the mail. I can only assume those events are related. I’m like a detective that way. Plus I have a magnifying glass.

Anyway, the Tie du Jour is a stunningly gorgeous blue & green paisley tie. I like the texture that it has, and my crapiPhone camera actually does a decent job showing it off. I chose this tie for a pretty important event that the Chamber hosts annually: the Legislative Breakfast. Ooh, I can just feel the bitterness and pain out there from those who missed it. It’s actually a pretty great event, on top of the fact that it does include the most important meal of the day.

And, of course, since it was an important meal, there were guys with ties everywhere. Here’s a shot from EvanstonNow, showing a few PWTs (Pols With Ties), an ATTEWT (AT&T Exec With Tie), and even a AeBWT (Almost ex-Boss With Tie). That’s State Rep Daniel Biss on the left, next to Chamber Executive Director Jonathan Perman. From the right are State Senator Jeff Schoenberg, AT&T exec Paul La Schiazza and Cook County Commissioner Larry Suffredin. The non-tie wearers in the middle are Steve Hagerty, the president of our board of directors, and State Rep Robin Gabel.

Other GWTs at the event included Dave Davis, Grant Coordinator/Constituent Advocate for Representative Jan Schakowsky’s office. I need to take some knot lessons from him, and I need to get some green ties. Lookin’ sharp Dave.

And, another Dave…Dave Skrodzki, who owns Pharm Execs, a medical/pharmaceutical recruiting firm. First time I’ve seen this Dave in a tie. He says he only wears J. Garcia ties.

And we have a political hopeful, Richard Rykhus, rounding out the photos I took. Richard is running for District 65 School Board. Good luck, Richard.

Thanks for reading…Brooke

Once upon a tie…

January 12, 2011

…there was a boy who lived in a 3BR 2BA ranch house with many modern amenities such as a garbage disposal and a climate-controlled wine cellar. He ate 42% of his vegetables, 71% of his complex carbohydrates, 84% of his proteins and 98% of his dessert (“Fruit salad is NOT dessert, Mom!”). His favorite color was green, his eyes were brown, and yet his room was painted blue. His parents brought in a total of $158,554 in before-tax income, and each drove a foreign-made vehicle from the 2008 model year. The boy grew to become a man, he married, got a job, divorced, remarried, had children, started a business, retired, returned to work because his ex-partner married his ex-wife, reretired, saw his kids graduate and marry, and died.

I’d like to think that that above tale proves that sometimes details aren’t necessary. Over the holidays I read through some of my old blog posts, and I realized that I basically stopped giving details about the ties. I used to be better about describing the color of the tie, and where I got it and stuff like that. Oh, I still do that sometimes, but it just seemed that no one wanted to know about the umpteenth purchase from Unique Thrift Store (oh, but you will–just the other day I discovered a trove of some really, um, unique looking strips) or wherever. As I launch, with Tie No. 201, the 3rd century of my tie project, I wonder how the next segment of the blog (yep, still hate that word…almost as much as ‘webinar’) will compare.

Sorry, mindless thoughts being unnecesarily thought out loud. On to the TdJ at hand!

As I mentioned, it is officially Paul Fredrick Week! PFW! PFW! Come on! Shout it with me! PFW! I was honored to receive ten ties (I still need to shout it–TEN TIES!) from Angela C. over there, and I am proclaiming that honorariness by wearing five of them this week. The inaugural entry for PFW [hold your applause] is a great-looking blue tie (yep, back to the describing) with small circles that look like heads with ski hats on them (made me think of the South Park kids, azzamatteroffack). Tough to pick a first out of the amazing selection (you’ll see), but this is the winner. Thanks again, Paul Fredrick!

On Monday and over the weekend, I wasn’t able to rustle up any new Guys With Ties, but I was able to snap a shot of Chicago Blackhawk legend Stan Mikita. Now the first-ever HGWT (Hockey Guy With Tie), he and fellow legend Bobby Hull were being interviewed following the 50th anniversary commemoration of the Blackhawks’ prior Stanley Cup championship, back in 1961 (yeah, yeah, I know you can do math). I actually love this paisley number…not enough to fight –and lose–him for it, but I love it.

Speaking of Guys With Ties, my friend Greg Clarke (GWT alum) and I are quasi-hosting (‘quasi’ = we ain’t payin’ for your drinks) the first Mad Men Guy With Tie Happy Hour, or the MMGWTHH. It’ll be held at Pete Miller’s in Evanston from 5:30-6:30 on Wednesday evening, January 12 in the 2011th Year of our Lord. Girls and boys, come on out, but the guys HAVE to wear ties. I’ll try to remember to bring a few for the slackers.

Thanks for reading…Brooke