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Born on the 4th of Jutie

August 10, 2011

OK, I’m starting to feel better. After taking about six weeks off and getting incredibly behind, I’ve now waited a whole 33 minutes before starting my next 100 Days, 100 Ties post.

Ironically, I chose a national holiday for wearing Tie No. 306. I needed to set up a meeting with some folks (Psst…it was about my next tie thing, and you’ll love it), and our only available time was the morning of July 4th. Oh, well, I didn’t think I could show up to a meeting about a tie company idea without actually wearing a tie. So, I chose one with a little bit of patriotic oomph (emphasis on “little bit”).

This TdJ’s brand is Albi, and it’s from the Paul Giddings collection. Paul is my friend who, along with his wife Cease, owns Folk Works Gallery here in Evanston. He’s a retired Army officer who spent a long tour in Germany. To me, this tie has the perfect air of, well, an Army-officer-stationed-in-Germany. Wonder if he ever met John Winger and Russell Zisky (the heroes from Stripes).

Thanks for being independent, America! And thanks for reading…Brooke


Tied to the Whipping Post

August 9, 2011

OK, I’ve done the crime, 20 lashes for me. I have officially set the record for procrastinating in posting about a worn tie. It’s been so long I won’t even admit it, but rest assured that it’s been over a week. Plus, I have two more that I need to write about. For shame.

Uh, yeah, that extremely long paragraph was penned about 10 days ago, so my break in procrastination was very short. Sheesh. I’m now up to about seven ties that I need to write about, or at least record. Let’s get to them. Or, perhaps I can save this as a draft and sit on it for another few weeks.

No, wait, what do we have here? Yes! I’m going on to another paragraph, it looks like the wait is over! We may get to an actual blog post here! We may have a tough couple of minutes while I retrieve my phone, to refresh my memory as to which tie I’m actually writing about.

Ah, yes, here we go…I was able to wear this Tie du Jour on my first public appearance with Few Spirits. Let me rephrase that…my first appearance with product from Few Spirits. By the way, at press time, Few is sooooo much further along. I’ll try to avoid spilling the beans (or spilling the gin, rather) until I catch up a little bit.

The TdJ is from Kolte. It’s a very dark blue with gray paisleys. It’s very rare to see paisleys marching in such an orderly and homogeneous fashion. Usually they are multi-sized, and swimming all over the dang place.

I wore this lovely strip to a gala charity event called Artopia, hosted by the Open Studio Project. OSP is an Evanston non-profit that helps underprivileged kids connect with their artistic side by providing them with art projects. One of the auction items was a bottle of Few White Whiskey, along with a barrel naming. I attended and gave taste samples of the FewWW. How nice, eh?

Show your Ties!

There were a couple of other ties at the event, but they all paled in comparison to this one. I failed to retain his name, but let’s just call our newest GWT Marty Graw, since he was in his French Quarter outfit.

Well, let’s hope that this gets me going in terms of catching up. Only six more posts to go until I am…

Thanks for waiting and reading…Brooke