Born on the 4th of Jutie

OK, I’m starting to feel better. After taking about six weeks off and getting incredibly behind, I’ve now waited a whole 33 minutes before starting my next 100 Days, 100 Ties post.

Ironically, I chose a national holiday for wearing Tie No. 306. I needed to set up a meeting with some folks (Psst…it was about my next tie thing, and you’ll love it), and our only available time was the morning of July 4th. Oh, well, I didn’t think I could show up to a meeting about a tie company idea without actually wearing a tie. So, I chose one with a little bit of patriotic oomph (emphasis on “little bit”).

This TdJ’s brand is Albi, and it’s from the Paul Giddings collection. Paul is my friend who, along with his wife Cease, owns Folk Works Gallery here in Evanston. He’s a retired Army officer who spent a long tour in Germany. To me, this tie has the perfect air of, well, an Army-officer-stationed-in-Germany. Wonder if he ever met John Winger and Russell Zisky (the heroes from Stripes).

Thanks for being independent, America! And thanks for reading…Brooke


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