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White Ties Can’t Jump

January 9, 2012

Since my memory is not as good as it was since before I can remember, I’m changing things up here. I mentioned in my last post that I have 18 ties to write about, and I can’t keep letting weeks (oh, ok, months) go between wearing and writing about ’em. There are just too many things that are going on in life, and I want to make the posts timely. So, this post will actually be for a tie that I wore today; I’ll probably post about a past tie tomorrow, or on a day that I don’t wear a tie. Must. Catch. Up.

So, my Tie du Jour, I’m afraid to say, reminds me of Alabama’s colors, crimson and white. It’s from Arrow, and it is pure white. Of course, I wore it with a red, checked shirt. I blame the fact that it was early in the morning when I got dressed. I did tone it down a bit, wearing a gray (British eq: grey) v-neck sweater over it all. Not sure if this one will make it to TieXchange.

Yeesh…my Cajun relatives will be very upset with me. I probably shouldn’t mention that I had a gorgeous, purple and gold strip from Lee Allison, ready to go. I’ll just wear it tomorrow, after they win. I have a New Orleans Saints tie that I’ll need to sport by the end of the week. Got to show some love for the state of my conception*. So, tomorrow’s subject will be based on the winner of tonight’s game: Geaux Tiegers or Roll Tied Roll. A little bet with myself.

*No, I do NOT know the actual story of my conception. (Ew.) I do, however, know that my parents moved to Memphis 6 months before I was born. Math. Conception. Know it.

We have a couple of GWTs here…one Guy With Tie and one Girl With Tie.

Our GuyWT is Chip Grogg (call him Grogg). I met him with his business partner, Sallie Arant, a former neighbor of mine. They’d stopped by the distillery, and he was wearing this very cool, vintage tie. He upped the ante by sending this shot of his tie cubby. Oh, man, some of these fabrics are soooooo cool. Color me jealous.

But, check this tie out…Vanessa Walilko has a jewelry/fashion design company called Kali Butterfly. Amazing chainmaille necklaces, bracelets, earrings, even clothing. She made this scale tie…it resembles a beautiful fish, doesn’t it? I’m afraid I may have to wear this one day. Kinda even matches her phone case, dudnit?

Thanks for reading…Brooke



Damn your ties, man!

January 1, 2012

Please do not read this post if you have 1) a heart condition 2) an eye condition or 3) one of those strobe-light, Mary-Hart-voice response afflictions. My Hallowe’en party tie du jour was affected by my choice of costume. You’ll see…

This marks three days in a row of posting to 100D100T, and I think this will be tie number 321, and it’s an, um, interesting one to start off 2012. It’s nice to have some momentum…

Off to the TdJ races, ok? We will have a Guy With Tie, and an added bonus of another GWT (Girl With Tie)…DWT (Daughter W/Tie), actually. case y'all wanted to see my pants

Let me explain my costume. I’m a Blind Date. Wearing a coat and tie, of course, but, being blind, nothing matches. Plaid coat, paisley shirt, luau-print pants and, to top it all off, my cotton floral electro-strip of a Tie du Jour from Vivace. Do not adjust your computer screen. Sunglasses may be advisable. And I promise that I will always ask permission before wearing a similar outfit again.

A friend of mine was also wearing a tie that evening, and the bonus of his tie was that it’s a bolo. Fellow Southerner Scott Counts looked rather pimpish in his stony bolo finery.

And another tie-wearer was my Julia, who dressed as Hermione Granger of Harry Potter fame. She had removed her big wig by the time I took this pic.

Again, Happy New Year to everyone out there. I’d like to thank everyone for giving me the reason to come back and write 100 Days 100 Ties again.

Thanks for reading…Brooke



I saw it with my own two ties!

September 19, 2011

If it seems like I’ve begun my last two or three posts with some major whining about being behind on my tie posts, it’s probably true.

But, I’m done complaining, and will just get to it. I will post all of the ties, but not in the order in which they were worn. We’ll just post the last one I wore, and go backward in time from there. And, if I wear another tie, I’ll post that one as I wear it.

If it seems like I’ve made these kind of promises in the last two or three posts, it’s definitely true. No more promises, I’ll do what I can.

Hmmm…now what do I say?

Oh, yeah, I know…on this particular day in question, I wore two ties. Let’s get to them…

Diamonds are Forever...or at least until you wear another tie

I had some sales calls to make downtown with Few Spirits, so I got gussied up in Tie du Jour numéro un, this geometrically-unchallenged strip from Burberry. After meeting with the beverage director at Mastro’s Steakhouse, I went for a little walk, stopping in at several places, ending up at the grand opening of Cantina Laredo, version Chicago. Delicious mini-fish tacos…or were they fish mini-tacos? Fish taco minis? Either way…yum.

Then, I got home and wanted to be a bit fresher for the 2nd Annual Evanston Business Mash-Up, which is run by my former employer, the Evanston Chamber of Commerce. It was such a nice night (like last year’s event), right on the beach at Northwestern (like last year), and I was able to go home straight after (unlike last year). Paul and I sampled some Few for the masses.

Part of my fresher ensemble was cedntered around TdJ#2, my bow tie from Paul Fredrick, picked up on their website recently. This is that cornflower blue that I love, and the fabric is just top-quality. This and my diamond-patterned shirt went nicely with my new Astor & Black suit. I’ll have to make an ensemble photo with that soon.

Although there were many ties at the Mash Up, I only took one picture, as I was more in Few Spirits mode. But, since this FSFAWT (Former Senator, Former Ambassador With Tie) was wearing a scarf around her neck, I figured that was enough of a tie to make it into 100D100T. Say hello to Senator Carol Moseley Braun, holding her very own bottle of Few White Whiskey.

At the risk of being simply satisfied that I have actually completed a posting, I’ll rest my case here.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


Tie do

May 2, 2011

Willie and the Poor Boys

As the royal wedding approached, I tried to busy myself so that I wasn’t watching my mailbox, waiting in vain for the invitation that didn’t come. Oh, I understand that being 2,004,345,610th in line to the throne doesn’t automatically get me a seat in Westminster Abbey…but still, it hurts. I needed the perfect tie, just in case I made it, miraculously, onto the list.

Well, I found a good one, another treasure. My Tie du Jour comes from Turnbull & Asser, a British clothier that is officially appointed by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, aka the Father of the Groom. T&A—as they are probably not commonly known, among the nobility at least—are more known for their shirts, but this TdJ is pretty nice. Very close to that cornflower blue that is apparently my colorcrush these days, this strip has a very simple pattern, which would have fit right in should the noblesse have obliged.

Sticking with the British theme, but swinging way way off to the other end of the class spectrum, we had an encounter, theatrically speaking, with peasants. Julia performed in Mudlark Theater‘s production of Robin Hood. Her role was that of Fern, a lass as quick with the dagger (two daggers, actually) as she was with her sass. The play was directed by a GWT alum, Michael Miro. As he is a classy guy (or maybe he had been at the wedding), Mike sported a sweet tie.

And, lastly, we come back to the USA, with a little North Shore royalty, Tina Fey. Her Liz Lemon character got a tie from her Jack Donaghy boss, and I was able to snap it from the telly (more Brit-speak, sorry) for your viewing enjoyment.

Thanks for reading…Brooke

sex, ties and videotape

April 12, 2011

I wonder if the word ‘sex’ will spice up my google hits in the next day or so. We shall see.

Speaking of spicing up my google hits, Monday may turn out to be a bigger thing for 100 Days, 100 Ties. A few weeks ago, my friend Diana Turcotte told a WGN/WCIU-TV personality about my tie project/obsession. A few phone calls later, I spent the morning being interviewed for WCIU’s “Uniquely Chicago” series by the lovely Jane Monzures, who actually shares my love for neckties. In this photo she is wearing an amazing skirt that she designed and made out of–what else?–ties! She makes skirts, shirts, halter tops, belts, shorts…whatever her mind fancies–check out her collections on her company website, JEM-Stone. We’re already concocting a plan to collaborate on a very special ties project…stay tuned.

So, I have to admit that I played a little tie game yesterday. I donned my Tie du Jour for the pre-taping portion of my day, and then changed into another one for the shoot. There was a Lee Allison tie from a couple of weeks ago that I really wanted to wear for the taping. I know, I know, how can I choose from over 250 already-worns? It was nigh impossible, but it was the first one that came to me. A lot of my ties got air time, believe me.

As of now, the segment is slated to run on April 28 on WCIU Channel 26. It’ll also be on their web page, and I will of course let y’all know.

So, my TdJ has a little bit of home in it, and a little bit of a very good tie friend, Dan Murrell. I mentioned a few weeks ago that he came up to Chicago for a convention, and he brought me a tie from James Davis men’s store, a true Memphis institution. It’s a bit turquoise with purple medallions all over it…a great tie over all. And, since I have a friend here in town whose name is Jim Davis, I’m hoping to give it to him to wear. Not sure if he’ll be as excited.

My favorite roving photographer (my Mom) was on her game big time, down at my cousin Wes’s wedding in Louisiana.

Here we have her older brother, Buddy. My dad tells a great story. They were at some business dinner, and some guy found out that my Mom’s maiden name is Huval, and that she grew up in Louisiana. He said, “Oh, do you know a David Huval?” “No, I don’t think so,” she replied. My dad leaned into her and said, “Honey, that’s your brother…Buddy.”

Then we have GWT alum/contributor, Beaux Jones, sporting his sweet Jones New York tie that I sent him a couple of months back. He is with my beautiful Mom in one pic, and with my beautiful cousin Dawn Lopez in the other. Should’ve gone to this wedding…

And speaking of Joneses, here’s one of my boyhood heroes, Beaux’s dad, Bert Jones, with his tie-wearing grandson. I attended Bert’s wedding in 1976, and there is a great picture of a bunch of the kids with him and his wife, my cousin Danni. Gotta find that, cuz I’m sure Bert is wearing another tie.

And, last but certainly not least, we have Dawn’s brother, Jimmy, hangin’ with my mom. Definitely should’ve gone to this nuptial affair…

Thanks for reading…Brooke

Can’t spell “Happy Birthday Brooke” without T-I-E

April 10, 2011

That’s what one of my cards said (more on that later), as well as one of my Facebook birthday shout-outs from GWT alum Pat Kelly.

So, my favorite day of the year came, and it was truly a great day, worthy of its #1 space in my rankings of all 365 days of the year. Next year, it will be even more powerful, as it will also rank ahead of February 29, which makes its quadrennial appearance.

Beyond the rankings, my day actually started the night before (which is definitely a Top 5 Jour du Year), when my ladyfriend Jenny made me a wonderful dinner, and presented me with a very special tie.

Here it is, a stunning purple (it’s officially called “Joker Purple”–Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson & Heath Ledger would all be pleased) solid from Handsome & Lace, a fantastic company run by a woman named Keira, who does wonderful things with recycled fabric. Jenny found her online and spent a lot of time pondering the perfect strip. I was glad I got to wear it on Friday, and it looked perfect with this shirt, although I do have a birthday bias.

There is a great touch on this tie, which I’ve not seen before…a small pocket under the keeper (the tie-holdie-thingie) that can fit a small iPod, or a couple sticks of gum, or money, or an ID, or, or…you get the picture. Keira did a marvelous job crafting it, and Jenny did a wonderful thing finding such a thoughtful gift. Thanks, Keira, and thanks Jenny (jon).

On the actual night of my birthday, I went out with my best gal…Julia! She had just returned from a trip to Cancun, just in time to take her ol’ dad out to Kuni’s for sushi. Jackie here has worked there for much longer than the 14 years I’ve been a customer, and wouldn’t you know it, she wears a small bow tie to work everyday?!

So, for my first official blog entry at the age of 42 (even though my last two were also written today), I again thank you for reading…Brooke


Can’t spell ‘State of the City’ without T-I-E

February 27, 2011

Just finished Thursday’s post, so let’s get right to Friday, shall we?

I will need to re-classify the Tie du Thursday, as I said it was from Alfani. Actually, the Tie du Friday is from that designer. I have memory problems, most likely borne from the fact that this was Tie No. 230. I love this TdJ–the design is sort of an optical illusion (the one where it looks like the lines aren’t parallel but they are), although if you stare at pretty much anything for long enough you’ll hallucinate anyway. What is not a hallucination is that my crapiPhone camera did a pretty good job on this pic. Maybe if I give it some confidence it’ll come through for me a little more often.

Friday was the Mayor’s Annual State of the City address. Love the slightly oxymoronic phrase. There were about 250 attendees on hand at the Hilton Orrington, and very many of them wore ties. I only snapped a couple of them, but I’ll post a link to the professional photographer’s shots when we get them.

First we have Joe Liss, a GWT alum. He is a partner in the Evanston accounting firm Brown Kaplan + Liss, and he’s also Treasurer of the Chamber’s Board of Directors.

Then we have Jeff Cory, who’s the City of Evanston’s Cultural Arts Director. His tie is befitting of his position, very cool and artsy.

Julia’s friend Charlotte slept over on Friday night, and while they did some things that would be classified typical of a girls’ sleepover, they also had a tie-tying lesson. Here they are with the results…not bad!


And, for a while, Julia has wanted me to snap a picture of these ties, from the intro to the show iCarly. Jerry Trainor, on the right (duh, he’s not an ostrich), plays Spencer, Carly’s older brother. I actually think the show is pretty funny: it makes Julia laugh when I laugh at it.

Thanks for reading…Brooke



Tie got a Basketball Jones

February 27, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, I think I mentioned that I had mailed 5 or 6 ties to my cousin, Beaux Jones, who is a law student at LSU in Baton Rouge. You may recall that he had sent me a tale of shopping for a tie in New Orleans. I told him then, which was months ago, that I’d send him a bunch of ties to use in time for his next internship or job (he may be graduating this spring). Well, you know how I am with the procrastination and all that fun stuff. I finally got around to it, with the stipulation that he take a couple of photos of them when he wore them. Since he is a Jones, I made sure to send him a couple of Jones New York strips. In addition, I thought it would complete the circle if I sent him a Lee Allison tie, since that is what he was purchasing at the Aidan Gill Store.

Well, good thing I sent them when I did…he was going to the national environmental law moot court competition in NYC. The part I loved most was his perfectly crafted subject line: Jones New York tie on a Jones in New York. Love my readers! The part I loved second most (it was a close competition, and the decision of the judges is final) was his followup email:

Lee Allison strip

You won’t believe what just happened…we just made it to quarterfinals of the competition and I won two best oralist awards, but that wasn’t the best part… After the quarterfinals the judge was giving his comments and said I want to give the “annual best tie award” to Mr. Beaux Jones. I kid you knot!

Okay, I put the ‘k’ on ‘knot’ in that last sentence, but isn’t that awesome! Way to geaux, Beaux!


Once again, I am way late on my postings, solidifying my standing for Procrastinator of the Year Award, which is always announced several months after the year has actually ended. The Tie du Jour (from Thursday…at press time that is officially three days ago) is from Alfani, and it’s a fun red, white and blue number that would be perfect on July 4th. But, I evidently couldn’t wait that long to celebrate our independence. America! [Editor’s Note: this TdJ is from Countess Mara, not Alfani. Can’t spell ‘editor’ without I-D-I-O-T]

And yet another reason to love my readers…Anna, our friendly neighborhood barista at Other Brother Coffeehouse in Evanston, was crafting a dress made out of paisley ties. I brought her a bag full of some already-worn paisley concoctions, and behold! You can read all about it on her Little Green Pixie blog. As a proud former owner of some of these ties, I will say that she used one of mine for the straps, as well as four along the back. Good ti(m)es.

And, gosh darn, if there’s not another reason to love my readers…GWT alum Vince Roberts snapped a shot of young Busby Malone, grandson of Chamber friend Mary Berg (owner of Simply Chicago Art). The tie has dogs and bones on it…cute stuff.

Thanks for sending this stuff in, folks. It makes each day different and fun.

Thanks for reading…Brooke

Can’t spell ‘Great White North’ without T-I-E

January 25, 2011

Yes, as expected, I forgot about Paisley Tie Week. Much too much to expect me to remember something as (un) important as that.

But, I did pull out a good tie this morning…the tie of a good man.

A few years ago, my parents fired up a long-distance introduction to my (now) great friend, Paula Kostuik. They knew from their friends Paul & Donna Kostuik (yes, relation) that Paula was moving to Chicago, so, weeks in advance, they said she would call. Well, she did, and I’m ever so glad; not many people out there as sweet and fun as PK.

Sadly, a couple of months ago, Paula’s dad passed away. My parents, I could tell, were very affected by the loss of their buddy, and I know Donna and Paula are still hurting. A couple of weeks later, they sent me a couple of his ties to wear for 100 Days, 100 Ties. Here is the first of the two, from the Italian designer Stefano Conti. Of course, it looks like I was falling down at the moment of photo-capture. Nice blurry.

Thanks to roving photographer (and another GWT alumna) Rebecca Berneck, we have a new member of the Girl With Tie clan. Her daughter Zoe is sporting a former TdB (Tie du Brooke), looking very stylish for junior high.

Thanks for reading…Brooke

Raise the Tietanic

January 15, 2011

One can never pass up the chance to allude to a Clive Cussler adventure novel featuring hero Dirk Pitt, esPECially if it gets made into a feature-film-cum-vehicle for Jason Robards and Ann Archer. Well, at least that’s what my grandma always told me.

Back to dry land for the 4th installment of Paul Fredrick Week. I simply must mention again how cool it was that Angela from Paul Fredrick offered to send some PF ties to me, along with encouragement and support for 100D100T.

These ties have been fantastic…as I have mentioned in prior posts, you can really tell a quality strip by the way it knots. All of the P-Freddies just ease into their knot (that may sound stupid to the uninitiated, which you can’t spell w/o t-i-e, of course), and they stay knotted.

The Tie du Thursday is a beauty, with its brown/tan base and multitude of textures. Perfect for my meeting with Michelle Leighton, from the Title Nine corporate office in the Bay Area, as I tried to sell them on the idea of bringing a road race to Evanston with their new downtown store. Pretty sure it won’t be the tie that closes the deal, as we had a big local assist from Barb & Peter, at the Hilton Garden Inn Evanston; and Craig, owner of Precision Multisport.

Little Multicolored Dress

So, here’s how my brain works (or doesn’t)…earlier this week I got a blog shout-out from Anna, aka Little Green Pixie. She’s one of the friendly neighborhood baristas at Other Brother Café; she and several others have discussed 100D100T with me, and she mentioned that she was crafting a dress out of ties. When she said that she was using mainly paisleys, I brought her some of my AWs (Already Worns). Not sure if any of my strips made the cut (little sewing humor there)…maybe on the back. Thanks, Anna, for sharing!

I’ve held off mentioning this for a few days, but we’ve had an interesting week at Chamber HQ. Our Executive Director, Jonathan Perman, resigned after 19 years at the helm of SS EvanstonCoC. What it means for me is as yet unknown; but, if I do interview for the position, I’ll be sure to pick out a good tie.

Thanks for reading…Brooke