Tie do

Willie and the Poor Boys

As the royal wedding approached, I tried to busy myself so that I wasn’t watching my mailbox, waiting in vain for the invitation that didn’t come. Oh, I understand that being 2,004,345,610th in line to the throne doesn’t automatically get me a seat in Westminster Abbey…but still, it hurts. I needed the perfect tie, just in case I made it, miraculously, onto the list.

Well, I found a good one, another treasure. My Tie du Jour comes from Turnbull & Asser, a British clothier that is officially appointed by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, aka the Father of the Groom. T&A—as they are probably not commonly known, among the nobility at least—are more known for their shirts, but this TdJ is pretty nice. Very close to that cornflower blue that is apparently my colorcrush these days, this strip has a very simple pattern, which would have fit right in should the noblesse have obliged.

Sticking with the British theme, but swinging way way off to the other end of the class spectrum, we had an encounter, theatrically speaking, with peasants. Julia performed in Mudlark Theater‘s production of Robin Hood. Her role was that of Fern, a lass as quick with the dagger (two daggers, actually) as she was with her sass. The play was directed by a GWT alum, Michael Miro. As he is a classy guy (or maybe he had been at the wedding), Mike sported a sweet tie.

And, lastly, we come back to the USA, with a little North Shore royalty, Tina Fey. Her Liz Lemon character got a tie from her Jack Donaghy boss, and I was able to snap it from the telly (more Brit-speak, sorry) for your viewing enjoyment.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


One Response to “Tie do”

  1. dimpledfourinhand Says:

    I’m a big fan of the T&A ties. Great colors and patterns and they knot like no other. The fun initials are a bonus and something I’ve had my fun with as well.

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