Whether the world (or I) was ready or not, it has now seen me in High Definition.

Yes, today was the day that my “Uniquely Chicago” piece ran on WCIU-TV (Channels 26 & 183 here). At 6:05 AM, to be exact, my 15 minute of fame began. Of course, as a couple of my Facebook friends have pointed out, it ended 12.25 minutes short. But that’s okay.

Without further ado, I’d like to thank Jane Monzures, the reporter who interviewed me, and Dustin Aldrich, the cameraman. They both made me feel super comfortable, and told me just what to do and where to look. Hard to believe they cobbled my hour (or two) of babble into just under 3 minutes. I’d also like to thank my friends Diana and Dominic Turcotte, who told Jane about my tie obsession and told her to get in touch with me.

So, all week I’ve been paying homage to Uniquely Chicago with my Unique Tie Wique. I thought I’d pull out a good Tie du Jour to keep that going.

The flat-bottom on this strip (damn, the picture doesn’t show it) makes it just about unique enough for UTW, but the constellation map puts it over the top. It’s from Rooster, which is a vintage label. The fabric is almost a denim, it’s so thickly cotton.

I have an interesting Guy With Tie picture today. Maybe even unique, as it starts a new category. The CCWDT…Cardboard Cutout With Drawn Tie. Here, Dave Steiner, GM of the Hilton Garden Inn, poses with a cutout of his new boss’s boss (can’t remember his name). The staff of the hotel were posing with this picture as part of a PR campaign about Interstate Hotels & Resorts taking over management of this (and other) HGIs. Once this picture was taken, they were to overnight the cutout to another HGI location. Good to know that large corporations can act like they’re at summer camp sometimes.

Thank for reading, and watching…Brooke


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