Do Not Pass Bow, Do Not Collect $200

I only wish there were $200 attached to this post. But, perhaps there could be a way to attain some economic gain on here. Hmm, lucky for me, I’m friends with Billie Kershasky of Astor & Black. She and her buddies at A&B have come up with a contest (read about it, as well as a worldwide treasure trove of style tips, on their Style Log) in which the winner will receive an iPad.

Oh, how nice it would be to keep track of my TAW (Ties Already Worn) and my TTW (Ties To Wear), on an electric medium such as the iPad. I could take photos of the ones that I need to wear, and set a plan for which would be the upcoming Ties du Jour. Then I could just blog on the go. Plus, when my brand new, custom-crafted A&B suit arrives later this month (thanks for the fitting, Billie!), I can use the iPad to show it off, since I can’t wear it all the time (or can I?)…

Now that I’m done entering the contest, it’s time to get back to our regularly scheduled programming. Strike up the band! It’s Bow Tie Week! Not to be confused with Bow Tie Fortnight, mind you, BTW is more than just a condensed version of BTF, more than just a different third letter in the acronym. Oh, no, my pretty, it’s a harbinger of spring, even though it started 6 weeks ago. Bow ties, to me, are like shorts; oh, sure, bow ties are worn in the cold months, too, but they look so happy, so, well, spring-y.

My Bow Tie du Jour is from R. Hanauer, who have the very valuable domain name I bought this bow tie from Dorothy Coletta, a friend of mine whom I met through my friend Katherine Eiff (who gave me the George Washington tie that I adored so much even though she said it should be a part of Ugly Tie Week). [Exhale]. Dorothy used to own a clothing store on the east coast, and brought a lot of the merchandise out here when she moved. That reminds me, she had a couple of ascots; I need to try an ascot before 100D100T is history.

Well, I have a new category…Petrus Manach here is the charter member of the PADWT (Picasso’s Art Dealer With Tie). Petrus was an art dealer who signed Picasso to a contract in 1900 (ah, the Internet). This print was in my friend—and GWT alum—Todd Paul’s bathroom. No, I did not take a picture of anything else in there.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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