Raise the Tietanic

One can never pass up the chance to allude to a Clive Cussler adventure novel featuring hero Dirk Pitt, esPECially if it gets made into a feature-film-cum-vehicle for Jason Robards and Ann Archer. Well, at least that’s what my grandma always told me.

Back to dry land for the 4th installment of Paul Fredrick Week. I simply must mention again how cool it was that Angela from Paul Fredrick offered to send some PF ties to me, along with encouragement and support for 100D100T.

These ties have been fantastic…as I have mentioned in prior posts, you can really tell a quality strip by the way it knots. All of the P-Freddies just ease into their knot (that may sound stupid to the uninitiated, which you can’t spell w/o t-i-e, of course), and they stay knotted.

The Tie du Thursday is a beauty, with its brown/tan base and multitude of textures. Perfect for my meeting with Michelle Leighton, from the Title Nine corporate office in the Bay Area, as I tried to sell them on the idea of bringing a road race to Evanston with their new downtown store. Pretty sure it won’t be the tie that closes the deal, as we had a big local assist from Barb & Peter, at the Hilton Garden Inn Evanston; and Craig, owner of Precision Multisport.

Little Multicolored Dress

So, here’s how my brain works (or doesn’t)…earlier this week I got a blog shout-out from Anna, aka Little Green Pixie. She’s one of the friendly neighborhood baristas at Other Brother Café; she and several others have discussed 100D100T with me, and she mentioned that she was crafting a dress out of ties. When she said that she was using mainly paisleys, I brought her some of my AWs (Already Worns). Not sure if any of my strips made the cut (little sewing humor there)…maybe on the back. Thanks, Anna, for sharing!

I’ve held off mentioning this for a few days, but we’ve had an interesting week at Chamber HQ. Our Executive Director, Jonathan Perman, resigned after 19 years at the helm of SS EvanstonCoC. What it means for me is as yet unknown; but, if I do interview for the position, I’ll be sure to pick out a good tie.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


2 Responses to “Raise the Tietanic”

  1. Little Green Pixie Says:

    Hi Brooke! Your ties made it in the dress, and yes, they are in the back. The main body of the dress had already been serged by the time you gave me your additions. Thank you much, and I will be sure to let you know when the dress is complete so you can check it out in person at the Other Brother!


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