One if by land, tie if by sea…

There has been a sea change: 100 Days, 100 Ties now has the power to get people together. After GWT alum Greg Clarke’s suggestion, we put together a little Mad Men Guys With Ties Happy Hour (and a half) at Pete Miller’s. Good fun.

Before I get to the photos of the festiviTIES, I’ll get to the third segment of PFW. As you know, this week is on Paul Fredrick (I know this link takes you to their tie page, but you should check out their other stuff–custom dress shirts, suits, even cufflinks), thanks to their reading. My Tie du Jour, made in Italy, is a bit special. The fabric, the texture, the tie-ability…all top-notch. This intricate pattern is a design that I do not know, but…I like it. It may be my favorite of the bunch…(TEN TIES!)

Okay, picture time…some Girls With Ties, too!

Leslie's Zipper


Let’s start with the barkeeps, who made our night (and drinks, Manhattans and Martinis, mostly) pleasurable. Leslie had an interesting tie…besides the fact that it was all black and hard for my crapiPhone camera to pick up, it had a zipper that tightened it around her neck. I’d never seen one of those.


Also at the bar was Sile (which is pronounced “sheila”–Gaelic, I believe she said). Her tie had no zippers, clasps, buttons, fasteners, staples, safety pins, widgets, Monday, Wednesday, Dasher, Dancer, DDT or unnatural flavors.

My co-host Greg Clarke (how could I NOT get a pic of Greg?!) brought a neighbor, Pat Turner, who brought a fine strip to the proceedings. Welcome to the GWT fold!

Here we have a new category. GWSTLT–Girls With Scarves Tied Like Ties. My very good friends Sara Wade & Raegen Ross were kind enough to tie and pose.

Of course, mandating the wearing of ties to any event is difficult, so I brought along a handful of the Already Worn. Lawrence Neisler and Rebecca Berneck add a nice touch to their already nice outfits, don’t you agree?

In addition to not taking a pic of Greg, I also failed to snap another GWT alum who attended, Pat Kelly. Pat also brought me a great tie, with nautical flags adorning, that will be better worn in spring.

After the MMGWTHH, we strolled over for a meeting of the Evanston Entrepreneurial Lab. They probably haven’t had that many ties there in quite some time. Here’s Rebecca again with GWTMTO (GWT Many Times Over), Paul Hletko.

Oh, and what the heck, here’s a rare shot, above the tie, of yours truly…I’m the one that doesn’t look like Paul Hletko.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


One Response to “One if by land, tie if by sea…”

  1. dimpledfourinhand Says:

    Looks like quite the soiree. Good on ya! I’ve got a fair bit of Paul Fredrick stuff myself.

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