Tiemon and Garfunkel

A keyword for the Tuesday: Paul, as in Paul Simon (the bow-tied Senator AND the singer). Paul McCartney. Paul Prudhomme. Paul Fredrick.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, God’s creatures and various alien beings (the giraffe is both, right?), it is still PFW. That’d be the Paul Fredrick Week for the uninitiated and/or unenlightened. As I mentioned last week and wrote about on the Blog du Monday, I received a package from Angela at Paul Fredrick. In it were (and I can’t help myself from exclaiming this) TEN! Count ’em! TEN TIES! An unbelievable show of generosity, and support for the blog. OK, so no more reminders this week.

Why, yes, that is my B-League championship racquetball trophy over my shoulder...

Yea, verily, on to the TdJ. As will be the case for the rest of this week, and for 5 other times in the future, this is a Paul Fredrick strip. It’s just a classy striped tie, off-white and khaki with blue chain pinstripes between. Something I love about it, and I’ve mentioned this with other ties, is that the large stripes’ textures go in different directions. Some genius textiler figured this out (and I’m sure that genius is a machine now), and I appreciate this. One of the few instances where my crapiPhone camera does its job and captures the true colors. In this case it even enhances it. Well done, iPhone!

I ran into Geoff Winthrop today in my building, which also happens to be his building. Geoff is a partner with Acquirent, an incredibly successful outsourced sales company that is really making a name for itself. I hope to learn more about them in the future. Plus, Geoff wears cool ties, like his partner/GWT alum Joe Flanagan.

And we have David Greenwald, a fellow Lincoln School4th-grade parent, who just couldn’t hide is stunner of a blue striped tie under his winter gear. Come on, spring! Get here soon!

I mentioned this yesterday (haha, fooled ya! it was really 30 minutes ago that I wrote about the Tie du Monday), but on Wednesday there will be a happy hour (or the ever-popular happier hour and a half) at Pete Miller’s in Evanston. Wear a tie to the Mad Men Guys With Ties event…we’ll be there from 5:30 to 6:30pm, and all are welcome. We may even bandy about ideas for the Tie Exchange.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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