Once upon a tie…

…there was a boy who lived in a 3BR 2BA ranch house with many modern amenities such as a garbage disposal and a climate-controlled wine cellar. He ate 42% of his vegetables, 71% of his complex carbohydrates, 84% of his proteins and 98% of his dessert (“Fruit salad is NOT dessert, Mom!”). His favorite color was green, his eyes were brown, and yet his room was painted blue. His parents brought in a total of $158,554 in before-tax income, and each drove a foreign-made vehicle from the 2008 model year. The boy grew to become a man, he married, got a job, divorced, remarried, had children, started a business, retired, returned to work because his ex-partner married his ex-wife, reretired, saw his kids graduate and marry, and died.

I’d like to think that that above tale proves that sometimes details aren’t necessary. Over the holidays I read through some of my old blog posts, and I realized that I basically stopped giving details about the ties. I used to be better about describing the color of the tie, and where I got it and stuff like that. Oh, I still do that sometimes, but it just seemed that no one wanted to know about the umpteenth purchase from Unique Thrift Store (oh, but you will–just the other day I discovered a trove of some really, um, unique looking strips) or wherever. As I launch, with Tie No. 201, the 3rd century of my tie project, I wonder how the next segment of the blog (yep, still hate that word…almost as much as ‘webinar’) will compare.

Sorry, mindless thoughts being unnecesarily thought out loud. On to the TdJ at hand!

As I mentioned, it is officially Paul Fredrick Week! PFW! PFW! Come on! Shout it with me! PFW! I was honored to receive ten ties (I still need to shout it–TEN TIES!) from Angela C. over there, and I am proclaiming that honorariness by wearing five of them this week. The inaugural entry for PFW [hold your applause] is a great-looking blue tie (yep, back to the describing) with small circles that look like heads with ski hats on them (made me think of the South Park kids, azzamatteroffack). Tough to pick a first out of the amazing selection (you’ll see), but this is the winner. Thanks again, Paul Fredrick!

On Monday and over the weekend, I wasn’t able to rustle up any new Guys With Ties, but I was able to snap a shot of Chicago Blackhawk legend Stan Mikita. Now the first-ever HGWT (Hockey Guy With Tie), he and fellow legend Bobby Hull were being interviewed following the 50th anniversary commemoration of the Blackhawks’ prior Stanley Cup championship, back in 1961 (yeah, yeah, I know you can do math). I actually love this paisley number…not enough to fight –and lose–him for it, but I love it.

Speaking of Guys With Ties, my friend Greg Clarke (GWT alum) and I are quasi-hosting (‘quasi’ = we ain’t payin’ for your drinks) the first Mad Men Guy With Tie Happy Hour, or the MMGWTHH. It’ll be held at Pete Miller’s in Evanston from 5:30-6:30 on Wednesday evening, January 12 in the 2011th Year of our Lord. Girls and boys, come on out, but the guys HAVE to wear ties. I’ll try to remember to bring a few for the slackers.

Thanks for reading…Brooke




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