Can’t spell “Bicentennial” without T-I-E…

Yes, yes, I know that technically a bicentennial is meant to mark the passage or completion of a second century. But I thought it was  a good word to celebrate Tie No. 200 in my increasingly misnamed 100 Days, 100 Ties blog. No parades were held, of course, but it does amaze me to recall when 100 seemed far in the future. It also amazes me that I have more than doubled my tie collection since that mid-March day when I began. I will easily have enough ties to make it ’round to March 16. Ye gods.

Cloud 209

I thought that it was appropriate that Tie Two-Hundo reflected something that I had gained over the course of the last nine months. The Tie du Jour is from Lee Allison Company, which, you may recall, is located in Chicago. I met Lee and his colleague, Trideep Das, last summer, and have had the privilege to hang out with them a couple of times hence. I got this strip at their holiday open house (along with their fantastic pink Christmas tree tie–O Pinkenbaum, indeed), and just really fell in love with its blue hue. That it is festooned with cloud-driving angels seemingly delivering covered trays of food just adds to its specialness.

We have added a new Guy With Tie to the fold. Alex Perry is the VP of Membership & Marketing for the Illinois Chamber of Commerce. He’s basically my counterpart at the state CofC, and has a much bigger territory (and slightly different mission) than our little Evanston. It was great meeting him and learning about his special Brooks Brothers tie: Only 185 were made (he has 175/185), and the list of other owners includes Bill Clinton and many that I forget.

A repeat GWT was snapped Friday evening: Ted Perez, a newish friend who is trying to open a brew pub in Evanston, toasts the opening of a special cask of beer at Prairie Moon.

Speaking of Guys With Ties, my friend (and GWT alum) Greg Clarke and I will be co-hosting the first Mad Men GWT Happy Hour. It’ll be this Wednesday, January 12 from 5:30-6:30 at Pete Miller’s in Evanston. Channel your inner Don Draper (or Joan Holloway–women are, of course, invited) and wear a great tie to support a great cause. What’s the cause, you ask? The Winter-Blahs, my friends. Oh, and if you don’t wear ties to work, don’t worry; I’ll bring a few extras.

I will end this post with a link to a commercial that has very little to do with ties, except that two of the participants (the singers) are wearing them. Please note that one is tied several inches too long, and the other way too short. The rest of the ad is just mind-blowing in its unintentional comedy level.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


One Response to “Can’t spell “Bicentennial” without T-I-E…”

  1. Little Green Pixie Says:

    Hey Brooke! Anna, your friendly barista here, stopping in to say hello, and that I FINALLY posted pics of the dress in progress on my blog:

    Keep it up!!

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