A sad day…

As I had my January edition of my Leadership Evanston sessions today, I decided not to wear a tie all day. However, I did don one for the evening’s event. Unfortunately, it was for a memorial service.

My good friend Claudia Rosario Hammond passed away last week. Wife, mother, sister, artist. Tonight, her husband Eric made it quite clear that we were doing the right thing by celebrating her life, rather than mourning her death. She will be missed.

Tie No. 199

I would love to dedicate the Tie du Jour to Claudia. It is a simple black tie from a company called TBA. I realized something, looking at Claudia’s artwork, placed around the chapel at the funeral home: I should have worn my most colorful remaining tie, not funereal black, to celebrate the vibrancy in her life and her art.

Rest in peace, Claudia…Your friend, Brooke


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  1. Liana rosario Says:

    Thank you

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