Tie Blood Pressure

Adding to Friday’s putting me one day closer to 50 (over 8 years away, but, still, it’s looooming), I was prescribed Lisinopril, a multi-syllabic medicine for a multi-spastic BP rate this morning. The little pamphlet at Dr. Fred’s office told me what my poor veins are going through, so I guess it’s time to take the load off. And, shoot, I thought it was because my heart was so strong. So, yes, here begins the daily pills routine, and hopefully I can avoid one of those plastic boxes with the days of the week imprinted on each little lid. But, if not, you’ll know what to get me for my birthday. Something in jade, with gold-leaf lettering, will suffice.

The Tie du Jour that I sported whilst being informed of my necessary lifestyle changes is great fun, perfect for a casual Friday. The main color scheme is gorgeous, and its chain-link motif catches the eye. Unfortunately, my eye was not caught when I took this picture, as it looks like there was a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on. Nice shot, Mr. Focus.

And thus endeth Paul Fredrick Week. We had a great run, a lot of folks commented on these 5, in person and virtually. I still have 5 left from my generous bounty (5 + 5 = TEN TIES, by the way) from Angela and the gang at Paul Fredrick. Let me know which of these first 5 you liked best, if you get a moment. And, if you’re looking around for a tie for that special someone (who wears ties), click on that link.

I picked up a couple of good Guys With Ties pix over the weekend. Always nice to get an alum to re-pose, and here’s Peter Reinhart, neighbor extraordinaire. One of his best HS buddies, Jason Anderson, was my college roommate. Contrary to the belief that might come from looking at this (and his prior) GWT photo, he does smile. Quite often.

Whilst having a pre-party drink at Celtic Knot Saturday evening, their neighbor Pascal Berthoumieux dropped by. He is the propriétaire of Bistro Bordeaux, a wonderful French place on Church Street. The food is wonderfully traditional, and the service is superb. And, heck, their owner can put an ensemble together, n’est-ce pas?

Later, at the aforementioned party, which was for my friend Jon Lippitz’s pending nuptials, his buddy George (dangit, he told me his last name, but I forgot…I blame those pre-party drinks) sported this striped tie. He’s the owner of the Palace Grill, down on Madison Avenue, in the shadow of the United Center. Great breakfast, great atmosphere, and you may end up sitting next to your favorite Blackhawk.

I’m writing this on Monday, and even though I went into work, I didn’t wear a tie. Here, I’ll put in a picture of a guy who wore lots of ties, while doing generation-altering work. Martin Luther King, Jr. What could I say that hasn’t already been said? How many people could have the courage to do everything that he did? To say everything that he did? All of it knowing that a good percentage of the gun-owners in your immediate vicinity would likely point them at you maliciously. While looking over the MLK photos available, I was not surprised to see that 98% of them show him in a solid black tie. Most of the pics are B&W, too, so I chose this one because it shows a bit more vibrancy in his tie selection. I should have worn a tie; on MLK Days from here on, I will.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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  1. Kim Says:

    Have you tried out the ties on SolidColorNeckTies.com yet? They have a large selection of colors and styles and also operate out of Illinois.

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