Ancient Tienese Secret

It’s a short week here at 100D100T Regional HQ, but we’ll try to make these 4 ties equal the strength of a full-fledged (can something be half-fledged?) 5-tie week.

Speaking of tie weeks, Paul Fredrick Week has rekindled my tie-week jones. As I still have some more gifted ties (more gifted than your ties, and I have the test results to prove it) I’d like to get out there, I’ll probably wait until after next week. So, if I remember my self-pledge (how fledged is your pledge?), I’ll fire up Paisley Tie Week starting January 31 or February 7. Please add it to your calendar (and have your calendar remind me).

So, back to the wok-at-hand. My Tie du Jour was a gift from my friend Rhonda Antonucci, whose family just moved to Evanston this past summer. Her kids are at Lincoln with Julia, and she runs an interior design firm, Antonucci Design. This ENYU tie, with its Chinese characters, caught her eye at a resale shop, and she decided that it deserved immortality here on 100 Days, 100 Ties (ha!).

But, please, if anyone can read this tie, please don’t tell me if it’s cuss words. TEACH me how to say ’em! With my luck, it’ll be the how-to manual for taking over the US&A by bailing out its major industries.

Thanks for reading…Brooke



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