Tie got a Basketball Jones

A couple of weeks ago, I think I mentioned that I had mailed 5 or 6 ties to my cousin, Beaux Jones, who is a law student at LSU in Baton Rouge. You may recall that he had sent me a tale of shopping for a tie in New Orleans. I told him then, which was months ago, that I’d send him a bunch of ties to use in time for his next internship or job (he may be graduating this spring). Well, you know how I am with the procrastination and all that fun stuff. I finally got around to it, with the stipulation that he take a couple of photos of them when he wore them. Since he is a Jones, I made sure to send him a couple of Jones New York strips. In addition, I thought it would complete the circle if I sent him a Lee Allison tie, since that is what he was purchasing at the Aidan Gill Store.

Well, good thing I sent them when I did…he was going to the national environmental law moot court competition in NYC. The part I loved most was his perfectly crafted subject line: Jones New York tie on a Jones in New York. Love my readers! The part I loved second most (it was a close competition, and the decision of the judges is final) was his followup email:

Lee Allison strip

You won’t believe what just happened…we just made it to quarterfinals of the competition and I won two best oralist awards, but that wasn’t the best part… After the quarterfinals the judge was giving his comments and said I want to give the “annual best tie award” to Mr. Beaux Jones. I kid you knot!

Okay, I put the ‘k’ on ‘knot’ in that last sentence, but isn’t that awesome! Way to geaux, Beaux!


Once again, I am way late on my postings, solidifying my standing for Procrastinator of the Year Award, which is always announced several months after the year has actually ended. The Tie du Jour (from Thursday…at press time that is officially three days ago) is from Alfani, and it’s a fun red, white and blue number that would be perfect on July 4th. But, I evidently couldn’t wait that long to celebrate our independence. America! [Editor’s Note: this TdJ is from Countess Mara, not Alfani. Can’t spell ‘editor’ without I-D-I-O-T]

And yet another reason to love my readers…Anna, our friendly neighborhood barista at Other Brother Coffeehouse in Evanston, was crafting a dress made out of paisley ties. I brought her a bag full of some already-worn paisley concoctions, and behold! You can read all about it on her Little Green Pixie blog. As a proud former owner of some of these ties, I will say that she used one of mine for the straps, as well as four along the back. Good ti(m)es.

And, gosh darn, if there’s not another reason to love my readers…GWT alum Vince Roberts snapped a shot of young Busby Malone, grandson of Chamber friend Mary Berg (owner of Simply Chicago Art). The tie has dogs and bones on it…cute stuff.

Thanks for sending this stuff in, folks. It makes each day different and fun.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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