Can’t spell ‘tennis’ without T-I-E

It’s much too cold to play tennis these days, at least here in Chicago, where Mother Nature today bitch-slapped us all in the past two days with a mild ice storm followed by about a half-inch of snow. “It is not spring,” she told the surprised citizens, as she executed the bitch-slap. “Now get your mittens and winter hats back on before I bitch-slap some more of you!” Mother Nature, always jealous of Zeus’s lightning bolt, takes out her frustrations in the form of bitch-slapping.

Tennis, the sport, was invoked this evening because my Tie du Jour is from the Wembley line of fashion items. It’s white with gray (Brit: grey) and blue (Brit: blue) threads making up the plaid. I put it with this solid purple Gene Meyer shirt to purple up that bit of blue, and it was good. The ensemble was greeted, and properly complimented, this morning at the Other Brother, by Anna, aka Little Green Pixie. Can’t wait to see her dress, made almost entirely of ties.

That is water in that cup

A couple of months ago, I gave a few already worn bow ties to my friend (and GWT alum) Todd Paul. My one condition was, when he wore ’em, he had to get a picture taken for 100D100T. Well, he gave me the opportunity to snap the shot…diggin’ it, TP.

Thanks for reading…Brooke



One Response to “Can’t spell ‘tennis’ without T-I-E”

  1. Little Green Pixie Says:

    The family and I went to see the “Recycled Circus” show put on by the Actor’s Gymnasium. I thought of you when I saw that a portion of the “recycled” circus costuming consisted of vests and skirts made of out ties (among other pieces of fabric). You would like it.

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