Can’t spell “Happy Birthday Brooke” without T-I-E

That’s what one of my cards said (more on that later), as well as one of my Facebook birthday shout-outs from GWT alum Pat Kelly.

So, my favorite day of the year came, and it was truly a great day, worthy of its #1 space in my rankings of all 365 days of the year. Next year, it will be even more powerful, as it will also rank ahead of February 29, which makes its quadrennial appearance.

Beyond the rankings, my day actually started the night before (which is definitely a Top 5 Jour du Year), when my ladyfriend Jenny made me a wonderful dinner, and presented me with a very special tie.

Here it is, a stunning purple (it’s officially called “Joker Purple”–Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson & Heath Ledger would all be pleased) solid from Handsome & Lace, a fantastic company run by a woman named Keira, who does wonderful things with recycled fabric. Jenny found her online and spent a lot of time pondering the perfect strip. I was glad I got to wear it on Friday, and it looked perfect with this shirt, although I do have a birthday bias.

There is a great touch on this tie, which I’ve not seen before…a small pocket under the keeper (the tie-holdie-thingie) that can fit a small iPod, or a couple sticks of gum, or money, or an ID, or, or…you get the picture. Keira did a marvelous job crafting it, and Jenny did a wonderful thing finding such a thoughtful gift. Thanks, Keira, and thanks Jenny (jon).

On the actual night of my birthday, I went out with my best gal…Julia! She had just returned from a trip to Cancun, just in time to take her ol’ dad out to Kuni’s for sushi. Jackie here has worked there for much longer than the 14 years I’ve been a customer, and wouldn’t you know it, she wears a small bow tie to work everyday?!

So, for my first official blog entry at the age of 42 (even though my last two were also written today), I again thank you for reading…Brooke



3 Responses to “Can’t spell “Happy Birthday Brooke” without T-I-E”

  1. lauryn Says:

    Oh my gosh! Happy Birthday, Brooke! Yay!

  2. Little Green Pixie Says:

    Happy Birthday! Something told me I should check in today.

  3. keira Says:

    It looks amazing on you!! So happy that you are happy!!

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