Hit the bulls-tie

It’s good to be a bull these days. The Chicago Bulls are clicking on all cylinders as they gun for the top seed in the NBA playoffs. Point guard Derrick Rose is the likely league Most Valuable Player and new coach Tom Thibodeau (can’t spell it w/o T-I-E, of course) will get serious consideration for Coach of the Year. As for real bulls, well, they are generally the only male in a field of 10-2000 cows, and get to do the nasty and make more hamburger for the world.

I call the toro to mind because my Tie du Jour is adorned with them. It may be difficult to see on the pictures, but they are there. My TdJ is tagless, so I don’t know where these bulls came from; well, I know that they came from the Salvation Army store on Oakton, but the original place of, um, origin is unbeknownst. To me.

Here’s a closeup, in case you can’t make out the bulls in the big picture.

This is (or at least this was, since it’s now press-time) my last day as a 41-year old, as tomorrow (or the other day, rather) is my birthday.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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