Ties, ties, ties yeah!

Really behind here…this is the first time I’ve had three posts to write. Really putting the blah in blog, so let’s get to it.

My subject calls to mind the Thompson Twins song, “Lies.” It is most definitely NOT rock, so co-lead vocalist Tom Bailey’s tie in this video gets him charter membership in the SPWT category (Synth Popper With Tie).

A bit of a rarity here with my Tie du Jour: a green tie! As much as I love green clothes, I’m rather surprised that I have so few green ties. I seem to recall wearing a couple of green ones in my first week or two of 100D100T, but I never really replenished the supply to great effect. This glowing green strip, with purple and blue stripes, is a beauty from Astor & Black. My friend Billie Kershasky works for A&B, and led me to a sweet tie sale on their website.

My GWT radar was in the ‘on’ position as I captured a pic of a new Guy With Tie, attorney Manish Bhatia. He has his own estate planning legal practice here in Evanston, and he came to our Lawyers, Guns & Money event at The Celtic Knot. The focus in this pic is awful…he had a great tie and you can barely tell.

I have a birthday coming up (at press time it has already come and gone), so I’m pondering the Tie du Birthday (at press time I already know the TdB). Stay tuned for the reveal…

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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