Give it the old college tie…

After the battle royale on Monday that really didn’t happen, I was indeed locked in a battle on Tuesday. [Insert athletically-motivational and Olympically-inspirational music here] The theater: the McGaw YMCA. The battlefield: Racquetball Court 1. The spoils: The B-League racquetball championship of the galaxy (plus trophy and permanent plaque placement). Chris Tirres, champion of the B-1 Division, was pitted against yours truly, who survived B-2, for all the marbles.

Alas, Chris is a better player, and he proved it on this day. Using a wicked array of mixed-speed serves, he took the games 15-10 and 15-14. I did my best, but a few unforced errors (along with several more of the forced-by-kickass-shot variety) did me in. Oh, and I had him 14-12 in the second game. Wonder what the 2nd place trophy looks like.

No time for crying, though, it was a busy day, and my vintage purple TdJ got me through it. Not sure how to describe it beyond vintage. And purple. It’s got a couple of patterns, as you can see from the pic. One of the tags says Artcraft Creations, and the other tells where the tie was sold: B&F Toggery of Springfield, Illinois.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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