Searching Tie and Low

Monday was a pretty big day in Chamberland (or should I call it Chambertown? Chamberville? Dang, Chamber City sounds pretty cool, too). A several-week search for a new Executive Director culminated in a decathlon-style, 10-event face-to-face battle, held at Ryan Field/Dyche Stadium. A pulsating throng of 55,000 rabid citizens chanted the opponents’ names as they vied for the opportunity to lead the…oh, who am I kidding? Two very qualified candidates interviewed with Elaine and me at the chamber offices before making a presentation before our board, our search committee and other members. It was a very nice process…but tell me the decathlon battle-royal wouldn’t have been cool. You can’t! Oh, well, next time.

I felt it was a day for a professional tie, and I think my John W. Nordstrom strip (the Nordstrip?) fit the bill. It’s a dark navy with lighter blue diamonds and ninja throwing stars adorning. Actually they’re probably regular stars, as condoning such a violent implement of death was likely not Nordstrom’s intent. That would’ve definitely affected my choice along the aforementioned professional lines.

There were a lot of ties in the room, and I was able to get a couple of GWT alums to re-pose…

Dave Skrodzki was a vital cog in the machine that was our search committee. Through his firm, PharmExecs, Dave has been a part of a multitude of executive recruiting exercises, so his expertise was very valuable to us. Plus, he wears only Jerry Garcia ties…

Our board president, Steve Hagerty, was of course on hand to direct the proceedings. He has overseen this process from the very beginning.

Back at the office, I found that Andrew Freeman, of Pension Specialists (who sub-lease part of our office from us), was sporting a tie (it’s not that often that he does). It takes a real man to wear a pink tie, in my humble, Chinese-throwing-star-tie-wearing opinion. Not many Harley Davidson riders can pull it off, but Andrew certainly did.

Thanks for reading…Brooke



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