Tie Me Out To The Ballgame

Well, my plans were to attend the Cubs Opening Day extravaganza on Friday, but work got in the way. My former boss, Jonathan Perman, was tending to his final days as Executive Director of the Evanston Chamber, and he kept extending that tending. Thursday the 31st was to be his last day; then he made it Friday the 1st; and, in an action that was not a late April Fool’s Day gag, his last day was Saturday the 2nd.

I mention him because, as a going-away present, I gave him (what else?) a tie. And not just any tie…I gifted him the one, the only, Tie No. 1. The very first tie that I wore, oh, 256 ties ago or something. What a nice guy.

As the opening line suggests, I ended up NOT going to the game, but my Tie du Jour somewhat reflects the day’s (planned) activity. My Geoffrey Beene is not only (Cubbie?) blue, but it has diamonds all over it. And yes, they double as squares, but then again, so does the baseball diamond.

With a spot of decent weather on Saturday, I was somehow reminded that it is almost time to bust out the seersucker. Which gets me to the fact that I need to get a couple more bow ties. My friend Dan will soon be loaning me some, hopefully enough that I can hold another Bow Tie Fortnight.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


One Response to “Tie Me Out To The Ballgame”

  1. Linda Gartz Says:

    Too bad about the cubs game–and it certainly wasn’t a “tie” was it? You were quite generous to give your #1 tie to the boss who caused you to miss the game. Pretty special. I especially liked the BWT posts. How cute is that! On day 365, do you plan to “tie one on?” It would be a worthy celebration! Glad to meet your tie blog — and you this evening.

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