Thank you, TieMaster

Looks like a bow tie, no?

Since there are about 1,843 cable channels nowadays, with 44,232 hours to program (I have a calculator), it’s just not that surprising to see infomercials and other commercials that have gone horribly wrong. Sex symbol (it was the 70s, so don’t get too excited) Suzanne Somers spent much of her post-Three’s Company days shilling for a spring-loaded workout tool called the Thigh Master.

Thursday was one of those busy days where there’s no point in putting stuff on your calendar, as it just doesn’t relate to a half-hourly slot in the day’s allotment of time. It was Julia’s post-birthday, my parents were in town, it was my boss’s last day, I had Leadership Evanston, Julia had a school concert, I had an introduction/connection to make at dinner, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together…mass hysteria!!

And yet, as that curly, redheaded orphan loves to sing about, the sun came out (didn’t warm anything though) the next day. Friday still came to pass. But, as this is a blog about the Tie du Thursday, we’ll get to Friday later.

Throughout the day, my TdJ was called “whimsical”, “my favorite” and the fairly obvious, “polka-dotted”. My navy-field-with-sky-blue-dotted strip is from the Portfolio line of the Perry Ellis house o’ fashion.

Back to the aforementioned Leadership Evanston session…I was able to recapture a GWT alum, Assistant City Manager Marty Lyons, as he spoke to us about city services, as well as his cool projector.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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