I told a tie lie…

I counted my ties this morning. I thought I had way fewer than a hundo, which would have given me the chance to expand my collection to complete my 100 Days/100 Ties project. I have 116. But, we’re sticking with the title, and we’ll just go with the best 100. That’ll keep me from being forced to sport a couple of Christmas ties in May, so that’s nice.

Today we begin wTie #1ith a multi-purpled, striped number…four different purples, right there on one stretch of fabric. A touch wide for my present taste, but the slim stripes make up for it a bit. It looks nice with the blue/white shirt (sorry, terrible picture), as well as with the charcoal-with-blue-pinstriped suit for the day.

It’s a Ted Baker, and I picked it up this past weekend at the Salvation Army store in Evanston for all of $1.55. I know, where’d I get the cash, right?! A lot of my ties are from resale shops around here. I just can’t bring myself to pay more than the price of an over-priced sandwich for a tie, and I generally limit myself to 10-12 bucks. Just a quick search on Ted Baker ties indicates that these are $50+ ties (or £40+, according to tedbaker.com). I’ll have a lot of comments on the great things you can find at resale shops, as well as at discount retailers like TJMaxx & Marshall’s. One man’s trash, and one merchant’s prior season, is another man’s treasure…

Well, this is tie #1. I guess I won’t be wearing it again for a couple months, but it’ll be all ready to go for the lead-up to Northwestern’s football season. Thanks for reading, my first 100 Days, 100 Ties posting.


8 Responses to “I told a tie lie…”

  1. Billie Says:

    Great idea to blog about this, Brooke. I look forward to meeting the rest of your ties.

  2. DrVinceRoberts Says:

    Brooke, this is great. You’ve been to “the U” right? Unique thrift on howard and western?!
    I DO hope you will include a bowtie or two, no?
    Good luck!

  3. neil m Says:

    116 ties, and not a nice one in site by looks of things…you need a clear out…

  4. neil m Says:

    you need to sort out your tie collection, and junk the seemingly large quantity of sartorially sub-standard garb….

  5. Chris G Says:

    Nice purple-age! Are you going to wear that one to the NW-UI game at Wrigley this year? Or be a good alum and go with an orange? Just think of the color combo clashing potential: NW purple, UI orange and Cubbie blue…

    Surely you have a tie for just that occasion? 🙂

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