Tieders on the Storm…

To be read in a panicked, high-pitched, B-Movie trailer voice: Run! Hide the children. Stock up your pantry. It’s the dreaded [insert one of the following: Snowpocalypse, Snowmageddon, Snowicane, Snowtorious B.I.G.] of 2011!

To be read in a pleasing, slightly British, public televisional announcer voice: And, thus concludes the overreactional portion of the blog post for today. Come back tomorrow as we detail cleanup efforts in your area.

Many of you have seen pictures, but it’s the 3-dimensional aspect of this storm that must be seen. Dotting our landscape are drifts that seem to have been created out of some random act of wind physics, and humongous piles of snow created by purposeful acts of large trucks. Peoples’ wish to get outside, despite the cold and not-completely-safe conditions, solidify the basal human need to socialize, be it only to shovel next to a neighbor.

It seems as if Paisley Tie Week will have to be extended, as this Tie du Tuesday will be the 2nd of 3 ties that I’ll be able to sport this week. So, what I’ll do is wear one on Friday, and then I think I’ll have enough paisleys (or partial paisleys will have to do) for next week.

Tommy Boy

On to the Tie du Jour. It’s a great brown strip, with slight tinges of green. It’s a really nice combo with this shirt, and this’ll be a pairing that I’ll look forward to wearing again. As is usual with Tommy Hilfiger, the navy blue with white polka dotted tail (the small part) is a different fabric than the apron (uh, the big part). Just a small, classy touch, in my non-humble opinion.

Speaking of a Tommy, that made me think of a couple of MSWTs (Movie Stars With Ties)…the late Chris Farley and the non-late David Spade, smiling and smirking, respectively in this promo shot from the movie Tommy Boy.

“And, thus concludes the social reference portion for today…”

We’ll be back to a tie on Friday.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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