Be still tie beating heart…

As part of the campaign to raise awareness about heart disease among women, National Wear Red Day was created. I realize that I am only giving you 30-150 minutes, depending on publication time and your own personal time zone, to don your favorite red dress, socks, hat, clown shoes or skimpy negligé (send photos…they’ll help women with heart disease).

Since NWRD fell during PTW, I draped myself in a red paisley tie. Although it is probably not nearly as sexy as a skimpy red negligé, here is the TdJ. The strip, according to the label, was hand sewn by Robert Talbott for Carl Sterr:–and here’s where it gets confusing–Natural Shoulder Clothing. First off, I’d like to meet the Carlster (just had to be his nickname, right?), and, secondly, I’d like to know a couple things about him: 1) What is shoulder clothing? 2) Can one make artificial shoulder clothing? Sounds like someone didn’t have English as a first language, and they feel it necessary to over-describe when they switch to the Queen’s.

As I mentioned yesterday-ish, I will extend Paisley Tie Week, at least through the middle of next week, since the Snowgasm took the Ties du Wednesday et Thursday from us. Way too soon.

Thanks for reading…Brooke



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