There’s no tieing in baseball!

I like to think that I’m being ironic, using a baseballesque title on the day after the Super Bowl. I will probably regret not saving Tom Hanks’ drunken outburst from A League Of Their Own for a more baseball-appropriate date (pitchers/catchers report date, opening day, Cubs’ being mathematically eliminated from playoff consideration, etc), but, hey, I’m gonna live in the now. I’ll just figure out a way to use a different sport phrase then, so there.

As the snow days last week affected my daily use of the noose, my Paisley Tie Week was stricken down to a mere 3 days. So, luckily I have enough paisley in that thar closet to fill this week, too.

For the Tie du Jour, a very good friend made me very happy. Not only did she give me a paisley tie, but she got it from TJ Maxx at such a bargain ($3!) that I was proud to wear it. It’s from Geoffrey Beene, and it was complimented by the first two people who saw it (and, no, it wasn’t my mother twice. ha. ha.). It’s just such a well-made strip…great texture and electric coloring. And, of course, I put it with such a damn cool shirt. That’s right, I cussed. Sheeit.



In the early part of my morning, I was able to add to the GWT numbers as I stopped into the Evanston branch of Wells Fargo (over on Howard, by the Best Buy Evanston). Branch manager Vasile Malutan and personal banker Emmett Higgin were both sportin’ ties and were kind enough to pause & pose.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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