Rip Tied Lounge

RIP Marie Wuczynski

If any of you ever skulked around Wicker Park in the last, oh, 4 or 5 decades, chances are you ended up at Marie’s Rip Tide Lounge on Armitage. Marie–owner/bartender/songstress/therapist–had a heart of gold; alas, that heart gave out about 50 years after buying the place. ‘Twas a great place, and my old roomie, Brendan Kelly, was kind enough to pass along tidings of her demise. I will raise my next pint or dram to ye, Marie.

I’m still on the paisley kick, and Geoffrey Beene makes a consecutive appearance (don’t think I’ve worn two in a row from the same shop, in all of my 220 or so ties) with a blue, gray and pink number. Thought it went pretty well with my clown shirt, although you may disagree.

Just an update on a couple o’ things. My friend (and oft-times GWT) Paul Hletko is muy close to opening Few Spirits, a distillery that will focus on crafting gin and whiskey in the birthplace of Prohibition. In addition to my Chamber duties (which you can’t spell w/o T-I-E), I’ll be serving as brand ambassador on a part-time basis. Check out our FB page (there’s the link, again) to keep track of our progress.

At press time (yes, Mom, I’m late again), it has been one month to the day that my boss, Executive Director Jonathan Perman (another GWT alum), resigned. Wanna be my new boss? Go for it. Here’s the job description.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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