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Deluxe Apartment in the Tie

November 14, 2010

Well, we’re movin’ on up.

Thanks, George and Louise (Wee-Zay!) Jefferson, for the inspiration for today’s (Thursday’s, actually) subject line. He may well be the blog’s only DCWT (Dry Cleaner With Tie) in history. One of my all-time favorite shows.

So, Thursday was Veteran’s Day, and my Tie du Jour was fittingly honoring to the men & women who have served, and are serving, in our military. I threw this (brandless, alas) red & blue college-stripe tie on a red, white & blue shirt. Very patriotic, don’t you agree?

Thursday evening I attended the Grand Re-Opening of the Premier Apartments at the 415 Howard building. It was a gala affair, attended by the new owners of the property, as well as city dignitaries. Of course, there were a few guys in ties (I missed a chance to get a pic of one of the owners in a SWEET bow tie), so here goes:

Marco Rodriguez publishes Shop Evanston (and Shop Andersonville, et al), a magazine that pushes local consumers to shop locally. He does a great job banding Evanston’s retailers together, and getting some local marketing executed for them. Marco is sporting a great blue strip.

Robert Adam is a Chamber event regular, and is the owner of Adam Insurance Brokerage. Here Robert eschews his usual solid-on-solid choice for a very cool wavy number.

Leon Mitchell is the owner of Phoenix Security, a professional security service in the Evanston area. He’s a regular at the chamber’s golf outing, and his plus-fours outfit is usually the fashion hit of the event.

Thanks for reading…Brooke

Humble tie…

November 11, 2010

So, Monday’s missive was on the war(s), and the soldiers coming back. I sense a theme here, but I swear that the timing, during the week of Veteran’s Day, was coincidental. Most of you know that, usually, I’d be BSing about this, but I’m not. Now, it turns out that it can turn into a nice little 4-day homage (we’ll leave out the UT Vols stuff) to our men & women in uniform. I don’t have a flag-post here at the flat, so let me put this out there, as simple as it may be.

A very good friend, upon reading about my desire to take Julia to see a welcome of soldiers returning from tour, suggested that she would like to accompany her kids to a somewhat more somber ceremony: the return of a soldier receiving a posthumous welcome. Great idea, J.

My Tie du Jour (and, as a preview, my Tie du Today) is a very simple red and blue striped strip. From the hallowed house of Christian Dior, I like it’s thin simplicity. I wish it weren’t 80% polyester, but even M. Dior was apparently wowed by the synthetics. It tied up quite nicely, and the tie clip set off the white pinstripes that separated red and blue. Oops, I guess the pic didn’t show the tie clip.

I was able to collect a couple of Guys With Ties on Wednesday, a couple of them new to the GWT fold. We had our first event at our new offices. Apparently we can be found.

First off, we have Joshua Sachs, who needs to teach me how to tie a bow tie like him. Such class in the big, unwrinkled knot. Since he has a defense attorney practice, you know that the bow has been his mark in the courtroom for a while. By the way, for all the crap I give my iPhone camera, this has to be one of the better pictures it has taken. I apologize if my iPhone, or any Applophiles, has taken it personally.

Next we have John Lynch, who came to his first ECofC event just yesterday. Now, he’s on the Internet. That’s pretty efficient, eh? He is a insurance agent, representing Allianz Life Insurance, and he runs an office called Financial Shape Up. Welcome to the Chamber, John.

And, after our SOHO event, I had lunch with a couple of folks from Rotary International, including their HR Director, Matt Switzer. He was kind enough to pose after the meal, for posterity’s sake, don’t you know.

Thanks for reading…Brooke

Rocky Top, Tiennessee

November 10, 2010

Once two strangers climbed ol’ Rocky Top, lookin’ for a moonshine still / Strangers ain’t come down from Rocky Top, reckon they never will

This one's for you, Grant

That part of the UT (sorry, Longhorns of Texas, but the Volunteers of the University of Tennessee represent the original UT, founded in 1794, a good 89 years before your also-fine institution) fight song always confused me: Did those strangers get whacked by the local yokels for meddling in the ‘corn from a jar’ industry/way-of-life? Or, did they just love the area/way-of-life so much that they stayed, a-drinkin’ and a-rompin’ their lives away on Rocky Top?

These are things I ponder, apparently, when I go looking for ways to put the word ‘tie’ in a blogpost subject.

My Tie du Jour (and I did take the picture, all the way back in the morning…how ’bout that?!) has a rather intricate pattern of purples and pinks and blues. Of course that picture I took this morning hardly does this Bert Pulitzer strip justice. But, we weren’t really calling for justice; we were just wearing a tie.

Enjoy unemployment, D-bag

More on (not moron) Tennessee. I may have mentioned that it’s my home state, and my brother Grant graduated from the UT (I have cousins who graduated from the other UT). He’s been on here a couple of times, but I want to give him a challenge. He needs to dress like Volunteer hoops coach Bruce Pearl, who’s in trouble for lying to NCAA investigators. That will be no surprise to U of Illinois fans, who know Brucie as a top-notch scumbag from his days on the recruiting trail with the U of Iowa, where he left his slimy slug trail all around the Midwest. So, congrats, Bruce, you are the first SWT. You may want to wear sunglasses for this pic.

Thanks for reading…Brooke

Can’t spell “Mesopotamia” without T-I-E…

November 10, 2010

Of course, talking about the fertile, yet war-torn, Tigris-Euphrates region is not very timely (which also can’t be spelled…). The war there has gone on for nearly a decade, and headlines nowadays are glanced over effortlessly. Probably zero in ten citizens (rounding down) could tell you how many troops are there (more than the WMD, I’d wager), and what, if any, objectives remain to accomplish the mission (Ex-President landing plane on banner-festooned carrier deck? Check.).

Something popped into my mind recently, perhaps from an image of soldiers/sailors being greeted by families upon their return from a tour. I did some quick math and realized that, when this shitshow (brought to you by the firm of Cheney, Rumsfield & Associopaths) started, there were parents whose kids were 9-ish, 10-ish, just like my Julia is now. They may have thought, “Why, we’ll walk all over this war in a year or two…my Johnny/Janey won’t be involved.” Well, guess what…those kids are now the ones with sand in their teeth and guns in their hands.

I’d like to take Julia to a military Welcome Home in the next few months. There seems to be such little interest out there, and our communities are so social media-based. Folks can pop off a welcome message online somewhere, beep-beep-zip-bang, back to your regularly-scheduled texting (I throw no stones here, by the way). I’d like to at least increase, by two, the number of folks heading out to O’Hare, or Great Lakes, or wherever these things happen. Wave a flag, clap my hands, cheer for these people, mostly kids. Does anyone out there know how I can find out more about this? Please let me know, and please keep me to this. I’ll wear a tie.

Little TV tubes

Okay, now that’s off my chest, unlike the Tie du Jour (nice segué, no?). I need to admit, sheepishly, that this TdJ photo is a lie. It’s not the first time I’ve had to recreate a tie/shirt combo due to FTP (failure to photograph), but it is the first time that the shirt that was actually worn had already gone off to the dry cleaners. PLUS (that’s not an acronym, I just wanted to put it in all-caps for emphasis), my helper/reminder actually helped and reminded me to snap the daily shot! Imagine my surprise today when I looked for the picture in my iPhone. You can’t, can you? My name is Lou. Lou Zerr.

Mr. Zerr’s TdJ is from Geoffrey Beene, if the label is to be believed. I picked it up at the ORT Resale Store on Chicago Avenue in Evanston. Their ties were a touch overpriced, for a resale place, but $5 is nothing to sneeze at, especially for a tie that’s this fun. It went very well with the SdM (Shirt du Monday), but we’ll never know that for sure, will we? Thanks, stupid brain.

And now, after the profoundness of my ode-to-the-soldier soliloquy and my self-effacing diatribe, we now delve into what’s really important. DWT. Or should we make that CHCDWT (Cute Halloween-Costumed Dogs With Ties)? Here we have Elke, the canine companion of Dana Pearl (herself a Girl With Tie alum), dressed in her finest Jack-o-Lantern-themed tie.

Thanks for reading…Brooke

Damn your ties, man!

November 6, 2010

Another Friday at work, preparing for another weekend of play. The hangover of another Leadership Evanston session, preparing myself and 29-ish other future leaders of Evanston (4 of whom played poker on Friday night). Another tie, off the rack and onto the HOTAW (Hanger of the Already Worn). Another another.

Black Hole Sun

Friday’s Tie du Jour was chosen mainly because I wanted to wear this black, blue, gray and blue shirt. I tried to put a polka-dotted number on there, but decided to go a bit closer to the solid. Casual Friday is not goofy-looking Friday. The tie is a dark navy vintage strip that I found at Unique Thrift; I thought the thin would go with the different pinstripes.

This is going to be a shortie. When Saturday calls, I don’t let it go to voicemail.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


Row row row your bow

November 4, 2010

So proud of myself for taking the picture this morning. I had even asked a friend to remind me via email–at 8am, noon & 4pm–to make sure I had photographed the Tie du Jour. Also very proud that I am posting on the same jour as the aforementioned TdJ. And to think all this on a day when I probably didn’t need to wear one.

And what better to do when you don’t need to wear a tie? Stand up, stand out! Bow tie! Today was Session #2 of our Leadership Evanston course, and I knew that we would be walking around town, interviewing local businesses about economic development. Of course, I would need to look at least partly my best.

Last week, my friend Dr. Vince Roberts–yes, the same Vince that was one of the first Guys With Ties–surprised me at the Brothers K with a bow tie from his collection. Yes, this same this same Vince had already given me a bow tie, along with a story about receiving it from his ex-. Now, it is the Tie du Jour, and it is great looking. From the house of Robert Talbott, a designer from the Bay Area in California, this purple and blue striped bow tie screams bold. It’s got a vintage cut, less than 2″ wide (the style preferred by my friend Dan Murrell).

Today’s Leadership lesson was effective strategic planning, which is probably something I should do with 100D100T. First, I probably should declare a moratorium on purchasing ties, since I am sure to be well over 200 ties owned, even though this is about Tie No. 157 or 158. But, seriously, I would like to get more people reading the blog, and commenting (that means you, O Reader With Loyaltie) more often, as well.

Thanks for reading…Brooke

Tierannosaurus Rex

November 3, 2010

King of the tie-wearing lizards. That’s me, except for the King part; and the lizard bit. I’m human, I swear.

Proof that I am human (and an absent-minded one at that) can be found in the fact that, for the 3rd time in perhaps a week, I have been forced to recreate the tie/shirt combination from the day. I sit down to pen (or keyboard, rather) the post, check my iPhone for my picture, and feel the mild disgust as I realize I’m not going to find one. Off to the shirt pile, minimize the wrinkles, re-don the tie, aim the camera, say “Cheese!” and voilà…a recreation! I’m just waiting for the day when my shirt has already gone off to the cleaners…”Whatcha gonna do now, tie-boy?! Huh? HUHH?!!”

Self-aggression aside, my Tie du Jour is from a French designer I’ve not heard of, Many Roy. The label also says ‘Prestige’ so it must be prit-tee prestigious. I picked it up, along with the condimentary celebration that was the Tie du Yesterday (and about 4 or 5 others), at the new Salvation Army store on Oakton. I just love the blue and purple flowers that are basically hidden in the absolute chaos of the gray- and black-threaded pattern. The background almost looked like one of those Magic Eye posters–“I can…I can see it! It’s the space shuttle! Or is it Marilyn Monroe?!”

Well, tomorrow is my Leadership Evanston class, so there will likely not be a Tie du Thursday. But, as you know, I never know how I’ll feel when I’m getting dressed, you know? Maybe there’s a bow tie in my future…hmmm.

Thanks so much for reading…Brooke


Can’t spell “I Voted” without T-I-E

November 3, 2010

Election Day, 2010. [UNDERSTATEMENT ALERT!] This one definitely lacked the feel of the ’08 version. A lot less dancing in the street, at least up here in the blue environs of Evanston.

Well, through the course of this blog, I’ll delve into the World Cup, the World Series, world music; but, lovely reader, I refuse to get into politics, world or otherwise. So all I will say is mentioned in the subject: I voted. Whether my candidates win or lose, [cue: patriotic music] it’s good to be a part of the process.

Stickers are fun!

Another process I’m a part of, apparently, is supporting a variety of thrift stores in the area. The Tie du Yesterday was acquired at a Niles resale boutique; the Tie du Jour came from Skokie. While driving down Oakton the other day, I noticed that a closed-down Tuesday Morning store had been turned into a Salvation Army. “Road trip!!” This weekend I paid a visit to a very well-organized (as usual) resale outfit that had, fittingly, about 100 ties to choose from. I think I got 6 (yes, Houston & other cities, I have a problem).

The TdJ is from BCBG‘s Attitude line, and it does a lot of jumping, or popping, off of the checked shirt. Pretty funny shirt side story–I sneezed, and the top button did some popping of its own, as it tore right off. At least I got to look casually cool all day. The tie is orange, with olive and mustard stripes that go along with a couple of smaller stripes in blue. Sounds like a condiment tray exploded on my tie, but it looks better than the description, I must say.

Thanks for reading…Brooke

The Tieants Win the Pennant! The Tieants Win the Pennant!

November 3, 2010

Well, actually, that was a call from the 1954 playoff game, when the NEW YORK Giants beat the Brooklyn Dodgers in a one-game playoff to reach the World Series (there were no playoff series, prior to ’68 or so). Congrats to the SAN FRANCISCO Giants, winner of the World Series. I watched a few innings, enough to make a few observations:

  1. Tim Lincecum, or “Timmy Smoke”, as earned by his MaryJane bust, can absolutely bring the heat (but, as of press time, even a World Series win cannot deliver the Cali Legal Pot Referendum)
  2. The color of Brian Wilson’s beard does not exist anywhere else on this planet, naturally or unnaturally; same as Laura Bush’s lipstick
  3. Someone spoke to Tim McCarver about making insipid comments (“the third out always…always…comes after the second out”)…and he listened
  4. Another long-suffering fanbase got theirs; now I, along with the rest of Cubdom, want ours
  5. No matter how big it appears he has gotten, Nolan Ryan could still kick Robin Ventura’s ass

As I am pretty late with Monday’s post, I will get down to business, and present the Tie du Jour. It’s a pretty, flowered blue pattern from Adolfo. I had to head out to Des Plaines the other day, and I stopped in at the WINGS Resale Shop in Niles. ‘WINGS’ stands for ‘Women In Need Growing Stronger’, so I’m glad my purchase of 8 ties (yes, 8…I have a problem) will go to a good cause, which gives aid to victims of domestic violence. It’s a nice store–very well-organized, with fair pricing (ties were $2 apiece).

Thanks for reading…Brooke