Humble tie…

So, Monday’s missive was on the war(s), and the soldiers coming back. I sense a theme here, but I swear that the timing, during the week of Veteran’s Day, was coincidental. Most of you know that, usually, I’d be BSing about this, but I’m not. Now, it turns out that it can turn into a nice little 4-day homage (we’ll leave out the UT Vols stuff) to our men & women in uniform. I don’t have a flag-post here at the flat, so let me put this out there, as simple as it may be.

A very good friend, upon reading about my desire to take Julia to see a welcome of soldiers returning from tour, suggested that she would like to accompany her kids to a somewhat more somber ceremony: the return of a soldier receiving a posthumous welcome. Great idea, J.

My Tie du Jour (and, as a preview, my Tie du Today) is a very simple red and blue striped strip. From the hallowed house of Christian Dior, I like it’s thin simplicity. I wish it weren’t 80% polyester, but even M. Dior was apparently wowed by the synthetics. It tied up quite nicely, and the tie clip set off the white pinstripes that separated red and blue. Oops, I guess the pic didn’t show the tie clip.

I was able to collect a couple of Guys With Ties on Wednesday, a couple of them new to the GWT fold. We had our first event at our new offices. Apparently we can be found.

First off, we have Joshua Sachs, who needs to teach me how to tie a bow tie like him. Such class in the big, unwrinkled knot. Since he has a defense attorney practice, you know that the bow has been his mark in the courtroom for a while. By the way, for all the crap I give my iPhone camera, this has to be one of the better pictures it has taken. I apologize if my iPhone, or any Applophiles, has taken it personally.

Next we have John Lynch, who came to his first ECofC event just yesterday. Now, he’s on the Internet. That’s pretty efficient, eh? He is a insurance agent, representing Allianz Life Insurance, and he runs an office called Financial Shape Up. Welcome to the Chamber, John.

And, after our SOHO event, I had lunch with a couple of folks from Rotary International, including their HR Director, Matt Switzer. He was kind enough to pose after the meal, for posterity’s sake, don’t you know.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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