Rocky Top, Tiennessee

Once two strangers climbed ol’ Rocky Top, lookin’ for a moonshine still / Strangers ain’t come down from Rocky Top, reckon they never will

This one's for you, Grant

That part of the UT (sorry, Longhorns of Texas, but the Volunteers of the University of Tennessee represent the original UT, founded in 1794, a good 89 years before your also-fine institution) fight song always confused me: Did those strangers get whacked by the local yokels for meddling in the ‘corn from a jar’ industry/way-of-life? Or, did they just love the area/way-of-life so much that they stayed, a-drinkin’ and a-rompin’ their lives away on Rocky Top?

These are things I ponder, apparently, when I go looking for ways to put the word ‘tie’ in a blogpost subject.

My Tie du Jour (and I did take the picture, all the way back in the morning…how ’bout that?!) has a rather intricate pattern of purples and pinks and blues. Of course that picture I took this morning hardly does this Bert Pulitzer strip justice. But, we weren’t really calling for justice; we were just wearing a tie.

Enjoy unemployment, D-bag

More on (not moron) Tennessee. I may have mentioned that it’s my home state, and my brother Grant graduated from the UT (I have cousins who graduated from the other UT). He’s been on here a couple of times, but I want to give him a challenge. He needs to dress like Volunteer hoops coach Bruce Pearl, who’s in trouble for lying to NCAA investigators. That will be no surprise to U of Illinois fans, who know Brucie as a top-notch scumbag from his days on the recruiting trail with the U of Iowa, where he left his slimy slug trail all around the Midwest. So, congrats, Bruce, you are the first SWT. You may want to wear sunglasses for this pic.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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