Damn your ties, man!

Another Friday at work, preparing for another weekend of play. The hangover of another Leadership Evanston session, preparing myself and 29-ish other future leaders of Evanston (4 of whom played poker on Friday night). Another tie, off the rack and onto the HOTAW (Hanger of the Already Worn). Another another.

Black Hole Sun

Friday’s Tie du Jour was chosen mainly because I wanted to wear this black, blue, gray and blue shirt. I tried to put a polka-dotted number on there, but decided to go a bit closer to the solid. Casual Friday is not goofy-looking Friday. The tie is a dark navy vintage strip that I found at Unique Thrift; I thought the thin would go with the different pinstripes.

This is going to be a shortie. When Saturday calls, I don’t let it go to voicemail.

Thanks for reading…Brooke



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