Row row row your bow

So proud of myself for taking the picture this morning. I had even asked a friend to remind me via email–at 8am, noon & 4pm–to make sure I had photographed the Tie du Jour. Also very proud that I am posting on the same jour as the aforementioned TdJ. And to think all this on a day when I probably didn’t need to wear one.

And what better to do when you don’t need to wear a tie? Stand up, stand out! Bow tie! Today was Session #2 of our Leadership Evanston course, and I knew that we would be walking around town, interviewing local businesses about economic development. Of course, I would need to look at least partly my best.

Last week, my friend Dr. Vince Roberts–yes, the same Vince that was one of the first Guys With Ties–surprised me at the Brothers K with a bow tie from his collection. Yes, this same this same Vince had already given me a bow tie, along with a story about receiving it from his ex-. Now, it is the Tie du Jour, and it is great looking. From the house of Robert Talbott, a designer from the Bay Area in California, this purple and blue striped bow tie screams bold. It’s got a vintage cut, less than 2″ wide (the style preferred by my friend Dan Murrell).

Today’s Leadership lesson was effective strategic planning, which is probably something I should do with 100D100T. First, I probably should declare a moratorium on purchasing ties, since I am sure to be well over 200 ties owned, even though this is about Tie No. 157 or 158. But, seriously, I would like to get more people reading the blog, and commenting (that means you, O Reader With Loyaltie) more often, as well.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


3 Responses to “Row row row your bow”

  1. Patty Barbato Says:

    You looked dashing today! And strategic too. πŸ™‚

  2. Dan Murrell Says:

    Awesome tie – and very well tied, I might add. At this size, the tie doesn’t overwhelm your neck and collar.

    I like it!

  3. dimpledfourinhand Says:

    Nice bow!! I have a few regular Talbotts and they always get comments. I like the diamond point bow ties myself although I’ve never really worn one. πŸ™‚

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