Tierannosaurus Rex

King of the tie-wearing lizards. That’s me, except for the King part; and the lizard bit. I’m human, I swear.

Proof that I am human (and an absent-minded one at that) can be found in the fact that, for the 3rd time in perhaps a week, I have been forced to recreate the tie/shirt combination from the day. I sit down to pen (or keyboard, rather) the post, check my iPhone for my picture, and feel the mild disgust as I realize I’m not going to find one. Off to the shirt pile, minimize the wrinkles, re-don the tie, aim the camera, say “Cheese!” and voilà…a recreation! I’m just waiting for the day when my shirt has already gone off to the cleaners…”Whatcha gonna do now, tie-boy?! Huh? HUHH?!!”

Self-aggression aside, my Tie du Jour is from a French designer I’ve not heard of, Many Roy. The label also says ‘Prestige’ so it must be prit-tee prestigious. I picked it up, along with the condimentary celebration that was the Tie du Yesterday (and about 4 or 5 others), at the new Salvation Army store on Oakton. I just love the blue and purple flowers that are basically hidden in the absolute chaos of the gray- and black-threaded pattern. The background almost looked like one of those Magic Eye posters–“I can…I can see it! It’s the space shuttle! Or is it Marilyn Monroe?!”

Well, tomorrow is my Leadership Evanston class, so there will likely not be a Tie du Thursday. But, as you know, I never know how I’ll feel when I’m getting dressed, you know? Maybe there’s a bow tie in my future…hmmm.

Thanks so much for reading…Brooke



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