Can’t spell “I Voted” without T-I-E

Election Day, 2010. [UNDERSTATEMENT ALERT!] This one definitely lacked the feel of the ’08 version. A lot less dancing in the street, at least up here in the blue environs of Evanston.

Well, through the course of this blog, I’ll delve into the World Cup, the World Series, world music; but, lovely reader, I refuse to get into politics, world or otherwise. So all I will say is mentioned in the subject: I voted. Whether my candidates win or lose, [cue: patriotic music] it’s good to be a part of the process.

Stickers are fun!

Another process I’m a part of, apparently, is supporting a variety of thrift stores in the area. The Tie du Yesterday was acquired at a Niles resale boutique; the Tie du Jour came from Skokie. While driving down Oakton the other day, I noticed that a closed-down Tuesday Morning store had been turned into a Salvation Army. “Road trip!!” This weekend I paid a visit to a very well-organized (as usual) resale outfit that had, fittingly, about 100 ties to choose from. I think I got 6 (yes, Houston & other cities, I have a problem).

The TdJ is from BCBG‘s Attitude line, and it does a lot of jumping, or popping, off of the checked shirt. Pretty funny shirt side story–I sneezed, and the top button did some popping of its own, as it tore right off. At least I got to look casually cool all day. The tie is orange, with olive and mustard stripes that go along with a couple of smaller stripes in blue. Sounds like a condiment tray exploded on my tie, but it looks better than the description, I must say.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


One Response to “Can’t spell “I Voted” without T-I-E”

  1. dimpledfourinhand Says:

    You had way better stickers than we did! Ours did have the flag on them though. Mine went on my lapel.

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