The Tieants Win the Pennant! The Tieants Win the Pennant!

Well, actually, that was a call from the 1954 playoff game, when the NEW YORK Giants beat the Brooklyn Dodgers in a one-game playoff to reach the World Series (there were no playoff series, prior to ’68 or so). Congrats to the SAN FRANCISCO Giants, winner of the World Series. I watched a few innings, enough to make a few observations:

  1. Tim Lincecum, or “Timmy Smoke”, as earned by his MaryJane bust, can absolutely bring the heat (but, as of press time, even a World Series win cannot deliver the Cali Legal Pot Referendum)
  2. The color of Brian Wilson’s beard does not exist anywhere else on this planet, naturally or unnaturally; same as Laura Bush’s lipstick
  3. Someone spoke to Tim McCarver about making insipid comments (“the third out always…always…comes after the second out”)…and he listened
  4. Another long-suffering fanbase got theirs; now I, along with the rest of Cubdom, want ours
  5. No matter how big it appears he has gotten, Nolan Ryan could still kick Robin Ventura’s ass

As I am pretty late with Monday’s post, I will get down to business, and present the Tie du Jour. It’s a pretty, flowered blue pattern from Adolfo. I had to head out to Des Plaines the other day, and I stopped in at the WINGS Resale Shop in Niles. ‘WINGS’ stands for ‘Women In Need Growing Stronger’, so I’m glad my purchase of 8 ties (yes, 8…I have a problem) will go to a good cause, which gives aid to victims of domestic violence. It’s a nice store–very well-organized, with fair pricing (ties were $2 apiece).

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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