Can’t spell ‘Trick or Treat’ without T-I-E

It’s a rare, weekend-edition tie. Happy Hallowe’en (Eve). It’s the big party night, the Saturday before T-or-T day, and Julia and I did not miss out. We were hosted graciously by Jean & Joel Freise, our neighbors on the next (former, for me) block. So many amazing parties going on this evening, so I’m glad we were able to partake in one.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that Dr. Tony Breitbach, the chiropractic owner of the Wellness Revolution, gave me a really cool tie. It depicted an x-ray of a spine. When he gave it to me, I thought it would be perfect for Hallowe’en. Lucky for me, my brain remembered this self-pledge, and I made a costume out of it. I wore all black–suit, shirt, socks, top hat…even my underwear is black–with this Tie du Jour. The label says Spine, and that’s where you can order one.

This afternoon, when I went to pick up Julia, she and Diane asked me to carve one of their pumpkins. Gladly, I obliged, especially since I had an idea. Tie-related, of course. There was an old Jos. A. Bank tie up in one of the boys’ room, so I nailed it to this pumpkin to give it a more formal look. However, he must be feeling a bit choked. I’ll try to get a shot of it, all lit up, on Sunday. Behold, the first (and likely only) Pumpkin With Tie.

I have to admit that I have felt completely recharged, blogging-wise, during the past week or so. I made some new connections, bought a few new (to me) ties at some new (to me) resale shops, and had some really excellent and touching feedback from some really good friends. I quickly went from wishing the blog could end to trying to figure out ways to energize it. I can’t tell my friends and readers enough what you mean to me, so I’ll just keep writing, in the hopes that one day, some way, you’ll know…

Thanks for reading…Brooke



2 Responses to “Can’t spell ‘Trick or Treat’ without T-I-E”

  1. Jennifer Lazar Says:

    Love the spine tie!!!!

  2. p Says:

    You sure do have Few ties. Just don’t spill your whiskey on them.

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