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Can’t spell ‘Retirement’ without T-I-E…

August 13, 2010

No, I’m not going to retire, not for a while at least. Unless…I could beat the odds and win the lottery, which would really beat the odds since I haven’t bought a lottery ticket.

My Morning du Jour was spent with the gentlemen of the Mather Place of Wilmette, a retirement community in, well, Wilmette, Evanston’s ‘burb-next-door. Mather Lifeways is headquartered in Evanston, and they are a good friend to the Chamber. I was invited by the marketing staff to be the guest speaker at their inaugural Gentlemen’s Breakfast. As I am indeed a gentleman, I warmed to the task, regaling in their stories and jokes. I only barely remember one of my grandfathers, so it was particularly nice to ‘rent’ 18 or 20 for an hour or so. My speech was off the cuff(link), and I brought a bag full of ties for them to sport. We had a tie-tying contest, and as you can see, I took pictures of all of them. It was serendipitous to me that I brought EXACTLY the number of ties that I needed. Gentlemen…thank you for sharing your time with me; and to the MPofW…thank you for the lovely parting gift, a gorgeous Mather-orange (what else) tie.

So, here are the pix…in the interest of time and layout, I’ll try to put these side by side…

Bob-Tie No. 98

Russell-Tie No.

Bob & Russell were at my table during breakfast. Russell’s great line was, “A week before the wedding, I sat my wife down and said, ‘From now on, I make ALL the major decisions; you’ll make all the MINOR decisions.’ In 69 years of marriage, we NEVER had a major decision.” After a general table discussion about physical activity “below the waist”, Bob told a Churchill joke. Sir Winston walked into a cabinet meeting; upon being told that his fly was open, he said, “Dead birds never fall out of the nest.” Classic.

Mike-Tie No. 24

Norme-brought his own tie!

Like me, these guys aren’t retirees, either; they work for MPofW. Mike, Norme and Harold…

Harold-Tie No.

Norme had a great Salvation Army story. He was just out of the Marines, and he had a job interview but nothing to wear to it. He used the change from his car to buy a shirt and tie from a Salvation Army. He got the job.

Here are the rest of the guys…

Bill-Tie No. 77

Bill-Tie No. 42

Bill Nash-Tie No. 91

Bill Walsh-Tie No. 74

These are the Four Bills. That’s not their nickname…yet. But just wait until I infiltrate the poker tournaments.

Tie No. 70

Gerald-Tie No. 30

John-Tie No. 45

Lawrence-Tie No. 53

Tie No. 67

Pat-Tie No. 15

Thomas-Tie No. 22

All these guys were really great. And I wish I could have remembered all the cool things they shared. Many of them have outlived their wives, despite being outnumbered, in their age bracket, 6-to-1 in the ladies-to-men department. They did say that dinner inviters were aggressive. So, many thanks to my RWT gang! (Retirees With Ties)

Wow, that’s a lot of pictures. Now, let’s get to my Tie du Jour, and then let’s get the pix from the last couple of days.

My TdJ is from Daniel di Milano, and I have adored their strips on these virtual pages before. They just feel right when you tie them. While the field of the tie is gray, the purple flowers give the entire tie a regally purple tone. At least that what I’m going with, to keep up Purple Tie Week appearances.

Okay, I’m on quite a roll with the pix, so let’s go back to Tuesday…100th TieDay.

Dr. Bob-Tie No. 80

Coleen-Shannon-Tie No. 25

Carin-Tie No. 41

Ok, so this is the squad that is responsible for my pearly whites lookin’ pearly. The Stephens Dentistry team is amazing. They are on our floor, so I went over there hoping to get a couple of pictures. What does Coleen do? She gets the entire office, as should be obvious, to get out there, don a tie and pose. Awesome, awesome Coleen. [whisper: thanks!]

Olga-Tie no.

Lauren-Tie No. 87

Tanya-Tie No.

Sasho-Tie No.

Lindsay-Tie No.

Dr Jim-Tie No. 56

Randy Rocker

And, these two pictures should make two things patently clear (like my teeth): 1) You don’t have to wear a tie around your neck 2) Clean teeth rock!

Sorry about the mishmosh layout today, and sorry I didn’t get to put all of the pictures on here. As I’m driving to Nashville today (adult camp at Camp Marymount, my favorite place on earth), I won’t be wearing another purple tie. But I’ll try to fire up a special ‘picturesque’ edition of 100D100T.

Thanks for reading…Brooke

The other tied of the mountain…

August 12, 2010

Whew, that 101st day hangover can be pretty rough. Thanks for the kind words and posts, and general excitement (or noticing and mentioning, really) about 100th TieDay. The feedback keeps me going.

Oh, and as a 100th TD present to myself, I have purchased a new URL for the blog: I can now be found at

Tonight…will be a marathon. I need to email some PWT (Philanthropists With Ties) pictures to myself so I can upload them. This particular post is going to be a photo-phest…there may be about 50 on here before I’m done.

First, let’s get to my Tie du Jour, or Tie No. 101 as it shall be known. The first that didn’t make it into the Century Club. It’s a very nice tie, actually, and some on the committee argued for its inclusion. It was just being saved for Purple Tie Week, I guess. This beaut is from Nicole Miller, and its purple field has blue and greenish dandelion-esque flowers that change colors depending on the angle and the light. Kinda trippy, Nicole! I wore this with my seersucker today…something a little modern to go with a shot of tradition.

Okay, here we go with the PWTs…some have their own ties, and some are wearing a selection from the Already Worn. Sorry in advance if the layout is chock-a-block. I just don’t have the time to make it look extremely pretty.

My No. 1 w/Tie No. 27

Well, of course the first PWT I need to put on here is Julia, my daughter, who surprised me yesterday at the office with two BFFs from the neighborhood. She has so much dang fun, doesn’t she?

Isa-Tie No. 25

Here’s Isabella, BFF #1, with her tie…

Cece-Tie No. 41

…and her sister, Celia, BFF #2 after losing 3 teeth (the teeth did NOT come out whilst tying her tie!).

You know, I am so sorry, but I have to postpone posting these pics again. It’s 1:30am…I know I told many of you that you’d be on the blog by tonight (or last night), but getting them all catalogued and ready to put on here is not a quick task. I PROMISE I will put them all on here by Thursday night.

Thanks for your patience, and thanks for reading…Brooke

Tie Absolute Pleasure

August 11, 2010

Well, it’s after midnight and I’ve written nary a word. I call on thee, O Magic Biloba of Gingko, to assist with wordiness.

But, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on this very grand occasion. It is, as you may know, the 100th day of my blog which is called, as you may know, ‘100 Days, 100 Ties’, and I have spent a big part of the day preparing for the week that will be.

No, Purple Tie Week doesn’t take any particular massaging…I picked out my 7 or 8 remaining purple ties, chose 4 that seemed to have the most purple in them (and not just purple decor) and voila. Believe me, Ugly Tie Week will be much harder.

But, since I knew that, for the Century Tie, aka Tie No. 100 (Tie C, for the Roman numerators out there), I wanted to do a few things a bit special. I’ve mentioned the Ties For ChariTIES, where I am trying to raise some money this week for the Salvation Army and Evanston Community Foundation, by taking photos of People, or Philanthropists, With Ties (PWT). Man, Woman, Tall, Short, Young, Old…you, too, can be in the 100th TieDay celebration. If there’s a small chance that I’ll happen to run into you, just email me a picture of you and your loved ones sporting a tie.

To that end, I packed about 8-10 ties (from the Previously Worn collection), pre-tied in knots for ease of donning. I didn’t want my pix this week to be only for those who wear them to work, but for someone with the guts to care little about tie/shirt color coordination, as well as care for local charities. I ended up with, by my wonky count, 19 pics of PWT (People With Ties), well on my way to my goal of 100-plus.

Sw E

But first, my Tie du Jour. It’s a Giorgio Armani. It’s an Armani. Not many ties (or suits) carry cachet such as this. Oozes high class. Even the Armani tag on the back of the tie is a bit upper-catwalk. It was a birthday gift, and immediately I felt happy not only at the opening of the wrapping, but I felt at one with the selection process. Had I been the one shopping for myself, it is the tie I would have chosen, whether there were 10 or 1,000 ties on the table. I mean, just tying the thing is an experience in itself. You tie it right, and a piece of the brighter stripe shows up on the knot. I am positive this was planned, and they knew exactly where to cut.

More now…

surprise visit to the office

Ok, as I mentioned before, I took about 19 PWT pix, and getting them all squared away right now and placed properly on the blogspace is too daunting for me right now. I will add some very special tie-sporters, though. Their individual pix will go up starting tomorrow, with the rest of the generous crew.

Thanks for reading…Brooke