The other tied of the mountain…

Whew, that 101st day hangover can be pretty rough. Thanks for the kind words and posts, and general excitement (or noticing and mentioning, really) about 100th TieDay. The feedback keeps me going.

Oh, and as a 100th TD present to myself, I have purchased a new URL for the blog: I can now be found at

Tonight…will be a marathon. I need to email some PWT (Philanthropists With Ties) pictures to myself so I can upload them. This particular post is going to be a photo-phest…there may be about 50 on here before I’m done.

First, let’s get to my Tie du Jour, or Tie No. 101 as it shall be known. The first that didn’t make it into the Century Club. It’s a very nice tie, actually, and some on the committee argued for its inclusion. It was just being saved for Purple Tie Week, I guess. This beaut is from Nicole Miller, and its purple field has blue and greenish dandelion-esque flowers that change colors depending on the angle and the light. Kinda trippy, Nicole! I wore this with my seersucker today…something a little modern to go with a shot of tradition.

Okay, here we go with the PWTs…some have their own ties, and some are wearing a selection from the Already Worn. Sorry in advance if the layout is chock-a-block. I just don’t have the time to make it look extremely pretty.

My No. 1 w/Tie No. 27

Well, of course the first PWT I need to put on here is Julia, my daughter, who surprised me yesterday at the office with two BFFs from the neighborhood. She has so much dang fun, doesn’t she?

Isa-Tie No. 25

Here’s Isabella, BFF #1, with her tie…

Cece-Tie No. 41

…and her sister, Celia, BFF #2 after losing 3 teeth (the teeth did NOT come out whilst tying her tie!).

You know, I am so sorry, but I have to postpone posting these pics again. It’s 1:30am…I know I told many of you that you’d be on the blog by tonight (or last night), but getting them all catalogued and ready to put on here is not a quick task. I PROMISE I will put them all on here by Thursday night.

Thanks for your patience, and thanks for reading…Brooke


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