The Island of Misfit Ties

Kind of a lot to get to here, for a Monday post to the blog. Which reminds me…all I want for Christmas is for someone to come up with a new word for ‘blog’. Anyone?

Who's the dummy in this picture? Yep, red bow tie.

Lee, Mee, Trideep, Douglas

I mentioned that I was awaiting pictures from my visit to an open house at Lee Allison’s studio. They had food, drinks and of course, ties for sale. I had to add to my Christmas collection, and I even picked up another on clearance for 2011. Lee, who started his company in ’95 (here’s a history), and his business associate, Trideep Das, are simply great guys. Could not be any more welcoming.

Many times along this journey/project, I have heard stories from men who say something along the lines of “Oh, I used to wear ties all the time, I have So-and-So-Hundred Ties, but I don’t wear them anymore.” Psst, so give them to me… Anyway, rare is the chance that I meet someone who has more ties than me, AND makes me want to trade collections. The ‘Douglas’ in the pictures is Douglas Cole, a fellow dandy (RIP Dandy Don Meredith, by the way), who owns OVER 200 BOW TIES! He says that’s all he wears anymore. Pair that with his sah-weet handlebar moustache, and I gotta party with this Milwaukeean. Kinda did, actually, as the margarita Lee & Trideep were serving was rather mind-altering.

When I told him about 100D100T, Douglas said, “There’s another guy who’s doing something similar…Momentum of Failure?” I said, “Yep, we’re following each other’s progress!” Love that.

Last week, my cousin, Elizabeth Brehm (brief CV: Friday Freebie winner, married to GWT alum, Timothy Brehm) sent me a picture of her new bambino, Evan, in some garb that makes him a brand new BWT (Baby With Tie). Too cute. Thanks, E!

Now, back to our regularly-scheduled programming…

Giva us a Kissa

My gift Tie du Jour comes from far, far away. Diane brought back this tie from Korea…it’s very sparkly. Not sure if you can see the small diamonds attached to the flowers. Oh, I’m sure they’re real. The brand is Kissa, which I assume is Korean (really, Brooke! how’d you figure that?).

Last night, I accompanied my friend Paul Hletko (yep, GWT alum AND FF winner) to the Lorraine H. Morton Civic Center for some city council action on his new Evanston distillery, Few Spirits. Caught a couple of new GWT, of both variations.

Ladies first…my friend Tanya Noble is an Evanston police officer in charge of problem solving. She was on hand, in full dress blues, with several of her comrades to receive recognition for an award the EPD has received from a national association of police chiefs for one of her neighborhood plan. Yes, that is a dark blue tie in there. Way to go, Tanya! I’m sure your joining the elite Girls With Ties category ranks up there with your award.

On to the Guys version of the GWT…the city’s parking director (and former cop) Rickey Voss was resplendent in his striped tie. He said it was almost time to break out the Christmas ties (I, too, am breaking out the Xmas box).

Misfit ties

And, finally, I snapped Assistant City Manager, Marty Lyons, in his Christmas tie. A more detailed shot is warranted here, as we see, from the bottom, Rudolph (the Red-Nosed Reindeer), Hermey, Santa Claus & Yukon Cornelius.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


2 Responses to “The Island of Misfit Ties”

  1. Cousin Elizabeth Says:

    Thanks for making my little BWT famous.

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