Ready, Aim, Tie-re

Ah, just like the old days of high school. Waiting until Sunday night to do my homework. Good thing I enjoy 100D100T more than Calculus, Civics and English.

Tie-related Saturday night activity: Went down to Bucktown to stop by tie-maker Lee Allison’s studio for some Christmas cheer, shopping and margaritas. I’ll have some pictures on Monday’s blog, hopefully.

Apparently this post will be owed a couple of bits of collateral by Monday’s, as I failed to remind Chip to send a picture for the 10th.

However, I am happy to report that Friday’s TdJ was photographed in its original setting, and will in fact be published today. So. Happy.

Oh, deer!

The Tie du Friday is from Field Gear, and features a couple of deer, looking off into the distance. Presumably, as this is a hunting tie (given that there are ducks shadow-sewn into the yellow fabric), there is a hunter looking into his own distance. Presumably, this hunter is looking through a scope, ready to break this couple up by ripping a bullet through the ribcage of this 9-point buck. This was the 4th tie of 5 in my mystery package. Oh, how I wish that mystery tie donor would present him or herself. Don’t be shy.

And, given that this is the season of giving (and partying, and buying, and traveling), I passed this tie along to my friend (and GWT alum) Todd Paul. Todd is an avid hunter of all the creatures represented on this tie, and he was pretty excited to be able to wear it in Mississippi over the holidays. Happy hunting, buddy.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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