Fast Ties at Ridgemont High

Before I get into the subject, which is obviously based on the anthemic 1982 film of the (almost) same name, I think I’ll just bust out the Tie du Thursday. Editor’s note: It’s Sunday, and I have two to (how did I just say it?) bust out.

Trust Ted, the baker

The TdJ is a stunner from Ted Baker, found at the ORT resale shop on Chicago Avenue in Evanston. It’s purple, with purple and light blue dots all over the place. It tied really well, and it’s easy to see how Ted Baker emphasizes quality in the strips they offer.

So, back to Fast Times at Ridgemont High. I originally went looking for a shot of Mr. Hand, the cynical professor/nemesis of stoner hero Jeff Spicoli, wearing a tie. That was not a problem, but in poring over the other pics, made me realize how many ties were fired up in that flick.

Jeff "Spicoli" Spicoli and Mr. Hand

Of course, I’ll start with Mr. Hand, portrayed by the late, great Ray Walston. While he cut his teeth on TV (“My Favorite Martian”) and in several substantial roles in major films (The Apartment & The Sting), he became one of an entire generation’s favorite authority figures, matched only by Principals Richard Vernon (Breakfast Club)  & Ed Rooney (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off).

Of course, we have Mark “Rat” Ratner and Mike “Little Prick” Damone, who shared a mentor/mentee relationship as Rat wished to learn how to pick up girls. That relationship turned sour when Damone shagged Stacy, the object of Ratman’s affection, during an awkward poolhouse encounter. Rat makes the LGWT (Lovable Geek With Tie) list, while Damone becomes the DBWT (Douche Bag With Tie)

Speaking of Stacy, she co-found the TGWT (Teen Girls With Ties) list, as she and Linda (Two Words: red bikini) worked at a cookie store (or was it an ice cream store?) across from Ratman’s movie theater gig. Phoebe Cates’s Linda, of course, is the siren who inspired Judge Reinhold’s Brad to risk blindness to the tune of “Moving in Stereo” (The Cars).

One final DAGWT (Dead Actor Guy With Tie) from the film is Mr. Vargas, portrayed by the late Vincent Schiavelli. When he passed, Schiavelli proved himself to be one of the ultimate “Ohhhh, THAT guy” guys.

I forgot to mention, in Wednesday’s post, that I had given another tiny speech to a retirement community. I was the guest of the North Shore Retirement Hotel‘s new open forum. I regaled a fun, lively bunch of “young’uns” with tales of my ties, and was gifted three ties, which I shall soon wear proudly.

Now, don’t everyone go running off to Netflix to rent FTaRH. Take turns, ok? This slice of 80s magic will be there for a long time.

Thanks for reading…Brooke



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