Tie Think I Can, Tie Think I Can…

A quick one, while he’s away… The Who

Once again, I’ve let myself get about a day behind on the posting bit. But now…haha!…now I have an excuse. Drugs!

Sing it to the rooftops, shout it from the heavens. Wait, shouldn’t those cliches be switched around? Shout from rooftops, sing to heavens? Yes, that’s it–I’m smacked up/whacked out on narcotics. Actually, I am on a pretty tame myscle relaxer; so tame that it didn’t even have its own mysterious drug ad campaign.

I love those commercials (not really…it’s hate. two exclamation points signify sarcasm)!! There are two types: the first is mostly print, where it shows a field and the name of the drug, with no mention of what the drug does, what it treats or when it’s available. Then there are the ones that list every non-symptom known to man, to create a market. Do you wake up in the morning? Are you sleepy at 11pm? Do you urinate? Drive me nuts.

Anyway, my Tie du Jour is a beauty from Ermenegildo Zegna (remember, it’s pronounced Air-Men-A-HEEEEEEEL-Do). Somehow I paired it with this vintage Marshall Fields shirt, and even my pocket square (scarf) was a relative match. Too bad I didn’t have the foresight to take an ensemble photo. This is another that I found at the Wings Resale Shop. Is very nice.

Wednesday was the Chamber’s Business After Hours, or BAH as it’s affectionately called. I managed to get one fella on camera. Savio Dias is in sales for the Kingfisher Airlines, a newish airline in India. They don’t fly in/out of the US yet, but they’re working on it.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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