Sic semper tierannis…

After John Wilkes Booth shot President Abraham Lincoln in the back of the head (and, given the fashion of the day, they were probably BOTH wearing a tie), he shouted “Sic Semper Tyrannis,” which loosely translates to “Suck it, Dictator-breath!”

So, I spent part of Tuesday thinking that a couple of Booth shots to the skull may actually improve my outlook on a pain-free week. No, no, relax, it wasn’t so bad that I had suicidal tendencies, but maybe Mr. Booth could just rub those muscles. All that pent up rage could have been better served getting at my prolonged headache.

What's up

A visit to the family doc, Dr. Ettner, started me on the road to that pain-free nirvana. I hope. I knew I’d be in good hands when his MSdM (Medical Student du Month) entered the exam room wearing a bow tie. First things first, I had to get a pic. A 3rd year med student, Dr. Brian Holoyda refused all pleas to provide me with powerful narcotics (legally prescribed. of course.). His and Dr. Fred’s assessment did, however, get me onto a muscle relaxer, which will hopefully give those damn neck muscles some chill time so they can get fixed.

I grimace while I describe my Tie du Jour, since putting it on was pure misery. Buttoning that top button felt like tying a balloon, only if the balloon were my head and had a brain and blood and bone in it. So, I went a little casual all day, popping the top right away.

The TdJ itself is a red and blue plaid from Chaps. They’re still affiliated with Ralph Lauren, right? I have been out of the loop for so long, and I don’t know if I ever would have known something along those lines. Not sure where or when I got this one, but the keeper (thanks to Lee Allison and his tie construction page, I know the keeper is the thing that keeps the apron and the tail together) had partially detached, so it’s probably for all the better that I will only wear it once.

My Shirt du Jour, from Thomas Pink, gives me a good reason to talk about safe resale shopping. Maybe not safe, but smart. I realized that the collar and sleeves were slightly fraying, but that’s not necessarily a problem (according to GQ’s Glenn O’Brien). The problem was that I didn’t look all over the shirt, and therefore thusly didn’t find the two holes in the right elbow. Oops. I would have still bought the shirt, but certainly wouldn’t have worn it to the office (or certainly would have kept my jacket on). Moral of the story: Know that there’s a reason that an item of clothing is in a thrift store; try to find that reason.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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