Not tonight, Dear…tie have a headache

Ah, yes, the oldest excuse in the book, offered since the Dawn of Man. Funny that Cavewoman didn’t seem to get aroused after being clubbed by Caveman, and dragged to a bed of bloodied hides. “What do we do on our second date, honey?!”

So, for anywhere from 10 to the past 14 days (my concentration is for shit nowadays), I have had a recurring headache brought upon by some sort of muscle inflammation/soreness/boo-boo on the base of my skull. So much fun! I went to see Dr. Tony Breitbach (he of the spine tie that I wore on Halloween eve) at Wellness Revolution, and he gave me a couple hours of relief. I’m also going to see my family doctor on Tuesday, to see what kind of evil spirits are lurking in the nape of my neck. Nothing that a good bleeding can’t help. Nurse!? Release the leeches!

My Tie du Jour was from my gratuitous thrift store stopover from a couple of weeks ago, the Wings Resale Shop in Niles. I can’t recall the Crayola Crayon that this color most resembles (Raw Umber?), but it’s from Italy’s Romeo Gigli. You simply must go to that website. OutSTANding shot of a MWPMLOAF (Man With Porn Mustache Lying On A Fur). If you squint a little bit, that MWPM and fur look to combine to create what would be, hands down, the World’s Best Mullet.

In fact, you owe it to yourself to check out their entire lineup for Fall/Winter. Some of the pictures are pretty good, especially if you rate photos of models who take themselves WAY too seriously as pretty good.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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