Infield tie rule…

The baseball season is over, yes, but I’m not sure if 100 Days, 100 Ties will last until next spring, when hope will spring eternal. I I may be out of ties by then, and perhaps out of tie-related puns. So, I guess I needed to use that one.

My Tie du Jour is, if my counting is correct, Tie No. 165. A cursory glance at the calendar tells me that I should get to the Tie No. 200 (The Deuce, as it will be called) during the first half of January. By the time the one year anniversary rolls around, on March 17, I may be around Two-Fitty. Not bad. If I don’t stop at 200 (I may have 10 more ties at that point), I’ll definitely work it out to stop on the year. I love this blog, even though I hate the word ‘blog’.

The TdJ is another Tommy Hilfiger, and I love how they use a different apron (the big part of the tie, also called the front blade) fabric than the tail (small part, aka under blade). By the way, thanks to Lee Allison for his online primer of the details of tie construction.

I’ve mentioned that I’ve had some cuff links made in the past few months, and I’m pretty sure I’ve photographed the Turkish eyes ones. They went so well with this TdJ, that I thought they merited an ensemble shot. I hope you agree; if not, tough shit.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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